Lake Havasu City, Arizona

u ship charged me 220.00 to ship 2 kittens. Said my kittens would arrive @ specific time, & that they were in my state.

Then they contacted me 3 hours after was supposed to receive, said my kittens were in Oregon & I needed to pay 950.00 insurance, before they would deliver. This is christmas eve. I refused. They advised that kittens would be quarantined for 6 months,& that I would be charged for abandonment.

How could I abandon something that I never received? Seller kept begging me to pay. I advised did not have the money & that it was scam. u ship advised if I paid 950.00 they would pay me 1150.00 cash when kittens delivered.

I refused. Not sure if seller in on this or not. Seemed likely. So I'm out, 226.00 have no kittens, but have presents for them.

I am very angry & very sad.

No one should ever use this company.

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I am very sorry for your loss. I love animals and they should have not been held hostage for any reason.

Your heart was in the right place. It was a very cruel way to rip you off.


I recommend that you stay away from Uship. It appears the vast majority of transporters bidding on shipment on that website are not licensed and do not have cargo insurance.

Always ask any transporter for their DOT and MC (motor carrier) numbers, most Uship transporters don't have these numbers and are operating illegally if they transport goods for hire across state lines. Google Uship Pissed Consumer and read page after page of unhappy former Uship customers complaints. I called Uship about a company that is not DOT compliant that I know for a fact had items stolen out of their truck, changed their phone numbers, did not compensate their customers for their loss (worth tens of thousands of dollars) and are still bidding on shipments on Uship. The Uship rep said it's not their job to make sure transporters are DOT compliant and did nothing to remove this illegal transporter from their site or protect other Uship customers from this illegal transporter.

This is not an isolated incident, this is Uship's standard operating procedure. Uship makes lots of money off these unlicensed transporters and are not about to forbid them from bidding on shipments on their site. Uship knows that most transporters on their site are not DOT compliant but does nothing about it. Additionally, Uship is acting as a broker by taking a fee on every booked shipment even though they claim to be a Neutral Venue.

Uship is not DOT licensed and not bonded. Once again, I highly recommend you seek out a legitimate, licensed and insured transporter to handle your shipping needs and always verify a transporters DOT and MC numbers.


I'm so sorry to hear that this happened to you, but you have not been communicating with uShip. You've been taken victim of a scam where the scam artist impersonates a uShip employee in order to gain the trust of the victim before asking for multiple payments for various reasons (ie: vet bills, transportation, etc.).

Please keep in mind that ANY and ALL electronic communication you receive from uShip will be sent from the '' domain. You should report this person to the Internet Crime Complaint center and your local authorities as soon as possible.


If your only out the shipping stand the loss and go to a legitimate breeder or shelter and pickup your kitten/s on the spot. Your chances of recovering your money or seeing the kittens

is remote and they have no legal hold on you anyway. Lesson learned, there are more crooks on the internet than all the streets in the US.


So let me guess. You purchased these kittens from some sort of breeding farm.

Do you have any clue how many kittens are at your local pound, desperately needing homes?

Do you know how many MILLIONS of dogs and cats are euthanized each year? Well, I hope when you get your kittens, you at least have the DECENCY to have them fixed.


sounds like you need to be euthanized, what gives you the right to tell anybody where to buy there cat? you must be a demacrap.