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Update by user Oct 30, 2015

Amx reversed the entire amount of the charge for us. Uship would like you to believe any refunds paid to the customer will be short 10 percent.

Amx when hearing our experience took care and issued a full refund.

So again, beware using this service. Got another shipper to transport on schedule and without incident.

Original review posted by user Oct 23, 2015

Spent most of my day waiting for Andy to meet me and transport my boat. He agreed to the date and time but never showed up.

No replies to calls, voice mails and text messages to his cell phone. Ok, next we called u ship customer service. Their initial response do you want to repost your bid request! When we asked them to get ahold of the shipper, we were told U ship will try.

Well we called the company number on the Award Bid Paperwork from U ship. It was disconnected. This is the same number U ship called, but we were told U ship was able to get to their voice mail. When we shared with the U ship person the phone was disconnected, the rep went silent.

So the interesting thing is that the name of the company on the Bid Award is silimar to another local vendor. This was the same company name that Andy had on his voice mail for the past few weeks where we exchanged messages. But at 1pm today, Andy is using a new company name in his voice mail intro! That name is Spirit Marine.

At a 262 area code. Well it gets better, we were told by the customer that we could use the full amount we paid and apply it to another vendor bid, or get a refund less 10 percent! Let me see, I have the Bid Award from U ship stating we are booked. The vendor spoke to us many times and agreed to the transport schedule.

Yet Andy did not slow up, cancel the sevice or provided any notice on his decision to just not follow through, I am expected to foot a 10 percent penalty? So my boat is still where it should no longer be. No service or notice not to provide service as I sit for hours waiting, dialing up Andy, and then hear the message let us try another bid.

We paid for this with Amx. Amx will get us all we paid.

And I will find a new shipper. Beware using this U ship company as it does not vent those vendors it proudly represents.

Andy is at 262 409-9029 and avoid Spirit Marine. The former name he used Of Great Lake Marine Transport which is similar to another vendor name who is well respected.

Reason of review: No service.

Monetary Loss: $1.

Uship Cons: Being scammed and conned, Worst experience.

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I'm really sorry to hear that you had to go through all this.

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Uship is the worst of the shipping agents. Stay away.