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I looked through ads online to find a husky puppy. Found an add asking to contact packman954@gmail.com if interested.

I emailed the person giving my interested on their female husky ( 1 male 1 female ) they proceeded to tell me cost and reasoning of getting rid of the dogs was that his wife has recenelt ypassed away, Dogs cost $250 and shipping through an agency was $80. They asked that I wire the money to a man named John Tanye in cameroon. Gave me a date and time the puppy would be delivered. 2 hours after that scheduled time I still had no dog and they called saying they needed another $450 due to an air-pressure vaccine and insurance on the pet.

This had to be wired to Mosaso Samuel. They proceeded to tell me that the animal would arrive at my home in 4 hours. An hour before arrival time they called me saying they were an hour away at another airport and need another $320 for documentation. All money was to be wired through Western Union.

Im still waiting on the man to call back about me paying the last $320 ( which Im not ) and Im hoping to obtain more information. My first time ever doing something like this online and I never again will!

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i currently have them online now,they claim they are selling the pup as their daughter died.at first they said i could have the pup if i paid for delivery.the named recipient of the money just made no sense to have it issued to an individual and not a company account and so i typed in uship husky *** into google and here i am.they are still trying to persuade me that this is not a *** even after linking this website to them????they must think i am an ***.any ideas how to catch/report them?im guessing the fb account they are using is fake.plus their english is terrible though they claim to be born in scotland.


I don't think this person has even been to uship.com. Any time someone wants you to send money the way you did, it's a scam, uship requires payment online you don't mention any online payments.

Uship does not sell dogs or cats or any other pets.

I have used uship a few times and I only hire shippers or movers that have a license and good feedback.

You wanna pet? look for a reputable breeder around your area, look for DPS, Cesar Millan, Rescue Associations or the Pound, but for heavens sake don't buy a dog or cat from 10000 miles away!


Because these people were saying that they were employees of U-ship. Not really sure how your seeing "holes" in my story, lol, but okay.

Ive never used u-ship so I wasnt thinking anything was weird at first.

So basically, I can break this down so you understand it. These people are making ads for these puppies, the SAME people are the "U-ship employees" and also the pilots of these so called planes.


Uship does not own planes.....or pilots....and they don't sale anything...


How is this having anything to do with U-ship???

You bought a dogs from someone and not on U-ship.

Sorry, but your stories have so many holes so big that a A-380 can fly through it.


I have law enforcement looking into it and Western Union is looking into it. Curious, because I didnt think it through before I did it.

I had literally 2 days prior been in a car accident, theres family stuff going on and a bunch of other stuff. I wanted something that was going to be there and make me happy. That was the dog.

I picked up on it and stopped. I do think he was just using the u-ship name now that I looked into it a little bit more.


Why would you buy something sight unseen from an unknown person? I don't work for UShip or any dog breeder, but common sense tells me that if I am asked to send money blindly to someone I know nothing about, I do business elsewhere.

I believe UShip is a place where shippers and people with items to ship, can meet up. Is it possible that your scam breeder used the UShip name to make their scheme seem more credible? Why not pay with a credit card?

Oh I know, because those are traceable... Again before wiring money to anyone, check them out.


they got me too.did you do anything?


you know this is a scam right? there is no dogs and they sure ain't on no flight. these people are all over the internet just looking for you to wire them money out of the country and that all.