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U-SHip is a RIPOFF. I know I use U-Ship to find stuff to haul w/my pick-up and vehicles to drive for people to try to make some $$

First of all the people running U-Ship use deceptive practices both w/shippers and TSP's.

Next they do NOT care about an honest person trying to make a buck. ALl they care about how much money they can put in Matt Chasen's (the founder)pocket.They charge TSp's that go beyond what they consider a normal cancellation rate extra bid fee's.Just way for them to rip folks off and put extra $$ in Chasens poicket.

A lot of guy's are bidding rediculously low on stuff and undercutting others who are placing reasonable and fair bid's. Also there shippers who have NO idea about how much it really cost's a tranporter in fuel,maintaince and insurance for his truck.

Lastly,when a shipper pays a deposit to U-SHip the TSP does NOT get it though U-Ship tells the shipper they do.It goes to cover the TSP's bid fee. U-Ship does nOT tell the shipper that.I've run into quite a few customers who did not know that I don't get the deposit they paid.

It's time for U-SHip to STOP being so GREEDY and STOP being so quote nuetral and start being HONEST and FAIR!!!!

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Try being a legal hauler and using sites that don't scam their customers.


:cry :cry :cry

You should used Uship to help you filled a loads and not used it as your main.

And they take about 17% of the total price and which is not a lots.


You should be using instead. It is FREE.

I does not get more fair than that. Stop feeding the other websites your hard earned cash.

Keeo what you make. Pass the savings onto the client.


i have been using for awhile now to help find back loads. they do charge way to much.

if i bid $500 on shipping a bike. they think they deserve over $100. thats a *** joke. i give uship around $800 or more per week.


USHIP. i got together with a few friends and we are building a site just like uship and only charging 15% total instead of 40%.


U-Ship did not like what I said about them. I HOPE we still have FREE SPEACH in this country.Please take it from me as I use U-Ship on occaision.They always charge the TSP a bid fee and as far as I am concerned they were not straight forward in the past in telling the consumer that.It is a LIE what they said here that they collect fees in certain cases.They collect fees whenever a bid is accepted.

Don't just take my word for it. If you know any one who has hauled stuff through U-Ship or shipped through the site ask them!! Next,U-Ship charges TSP's that have what they call excessive cancellations higher bid fees even if it's NOT the TSP's fault!!! I don't call that neutral.

I call that SELFISH and lacking understanding and fairness!! The consumer does not know that.They should. I will say this on the positive about U-Ship: If some one needs to get something shipped and they don't where to turn than U-Ship is a good site. It was a GREAT idea Mr.Chasen had starting U-Ship.And like every where you go these days you have good people out there and you have people who are not so good to deal with.I've had both and to be humble here I've been a not so good person to deal with myself at times.

I shared what I shared abbout U-Ship because I want people to know how they work. I do not wish to stir up U-Ship. I just wish U-Ship would be straight forward w/people. Also I wish U-Ship would wake up and see that you can NOT always be nuetral.

Hers an idea for U-Ship: How about being straight forward and fair. That may mean NOT being Nuetral at times.U-Ship was and is A GREAT idea and I hope that they will not get defensive on what I shared here but consider it and use it to improve.


uShip, the online shipping marketplace, acts as a neutral venue where people who need to ship something can review and select a transportation to deliver their shipment.

Every registered user chose to abide by the terms and conditions set in our User Agreement. The payment process is clearly stated in our User Agreement, as you can read in the following paragraphs.

There are currently no fees to join uShip and no required listing fees for shipping customers. uShip may collect a nominal Auction Service Charge from shipping customers in certain categories if and when a bid is accepted. The amount for such an Auction Service Charge, if any, will be displayed for customers before they accept any bid. Transportation Service Providers (TSP’s) are charged a base transaction booking fee based on a tiered percentage of their accepted bid price.

When a shipping customer accepts a bid, they are required to pre-pay a deposit in the amount of the TSP’s transaction fee. This deposit is collected by uShip and credited to the TSP’s uShip account. The deposit amount is then deducted from the accepted bid amount, and the shipping customer pays the balance directly to the TSP.

Please contact Member Support if you ever have any questions.


you over charge he shipper a fee and you don't want us to tell the customer that the deposit they pay via uship all goes to you and in some cases is more then the shipper is making. *** RIP OFFS!!!


I totally agree with you when you lower your bid for competition the fee only drops 5$ on a 500$ decrease... Let's sue uShip!!!


You are a *** liar and are operating as illegal as 90% of the “ transporters” on your site. You are operating as a broker and getting ridiculous pay with no brokers license. The federal motor carriers and dot will eventually shut you down so enjoy it while it last