Altoona, Pennsylvania

I purchased a puppy via the internet. The owner selected U-Ship to transport the puppy from Baltimore to Central Pennsylvania.

I told him I would pick it up, but he made the commitment to U-Ship. U-Ship was sent money for the puppy, then requested additional funding for state to state transfer. I provided them with funds and was told the puppy would be received by 10PM; no one showed. The next day U-Ship requested $900 for additional shipping costs.

I couldn't afford the additional costs so I never received the puppy. Why was this my responsibility and not the owners?

Why was I being harassed by the shipper for more money? They are a joke!

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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There was no dog. It was a group of foreign scammers.


What kind of dog was it? And the name? I think I might be another victim