Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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when you try to haul loads from this site u ship charges you(the provider)a fee are they in the trucking business are if they are in the trucking business then they need to send me a contract i feel that as long as i put infromation on this site to haul other peoples stuff and post my rates. what gives them the right to say what I can & can't charge with out a contract? SO AS LONG AS WE DON'T HAVE A CONTRACT STOP TELLING ME WHAT I CHARGE AS LONG AS I'M IN THE GUIDE LINES.TO EVERY ONE THAT USES THIS SITE IF THEY WANNA TELL YOU WHAT YOU CAN CHARGE MAKE THEM SIGN A CONTRACT WITH YOU BECAUSE IF IT WASN'T FOR THE SERVICE PROVIDERS THEY WOULDN'T BE IN BUSINESS U SHIP YOUR A RIP OFF YOU FEEL WE SHOULD HAUL FOR FREE WE ALL HAVE A LIFE AND WE DON'T LIVE IN RUSSIA i thank you for this site so i can vent my thoughts and if possible open the eyes of the blind people who use this service (ie) the service providers

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Our Service Providers are welcome to add their own terms & conditions to their bids, as long as they do not violate any policies on the User Agreement. As for the match fees, our payment process is clearly stated within our User Agreement and throughout the bidding and booking process. Any user may contact Member Support or read our FAQs if there are questions or concerns.