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This company will not let the transporters even mention the almost 20% commission that they steal from the transporters. If transporters try to mention it they are red flagged and banned!

Here is the truth of UShip,, Joe blow decided he wants to take a crack at the transport buisness. Uship facilitates this by not requiring any licensing so Joe Blow opens a new illegal company. lets call it shmuck in a truck. Well shmuck in a truck bids on a bunch of freight and even gets some of the work as he bid much cheaper that the legal honest and hard working transporters.

After a run or two he notices he s not making any money at all and his p.o.s. pick has broken down and he can't afford to fix it. Oh well! No more Joe blow Schlick in a truck transport company.

But every week dozens of new Joe blows come around and take his place keeping the rates low, experience to a minimum while lining UShips pockets with cash! Sometimes Joe Blow even realizes he'd be better of illegally stealing and selling their clients freight for a quick buck or crack rock! The legal transporter usually has been in business for years, is an honest man, keep a legal log book, stops in at all weigh stations, pays his taxes, loves his country and keeps the proper commercial cargo insurance up to date! For an example of a *** UShiper check out this guy http://www.uship.com/profile/timothyware/.

Says he's a cop but fails to mention he is an illegal transporter. He breaks the very laws he had sworn to uphold. M suggestion is to run, not walk away from UShip!

Google transport companies related to,want you want shipped.

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every co.charge 10-35% brokerage/comm. if your leased to a household mover you might only get 55-60% of the line haul.