Lindsay, California

My husband hired a shipper to pick up a 4,000$ piece of equipment from our seller in Lindsay, CA and deliver it to us in Phoenix, AZ. Our machine never arrived. After a few phone calls from the shipper claiming he was delayed due to trailor problems he simply stopped answering our calls. We will never see the machine we paid 4,000$ for.

We filed a police report with the PD in Lindsay, CA and Uship has denied any responsibility or offered to help. We have stopped payment to uship from our credit card. But we are still out a 4,000$ piece of equipment.

I wish my husband had verified the drivers credentials and done a little research into uship before he allowed a stranger access to our equipment. Let a vbe a lesson learned to everyone. Uship does not verify or validate the people they allow to bid on their site. You may never get your stuff, and if you do you might end up paying much more than was agreed upon.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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I had won a Job from a Person I knew, They left Positive Feedback. I was Immediately permantley suspended as they said I manipulated feedback.

They refused to release funds that were paid to either myself or the Shipper.

We finally got Uship to release the paid funds by threatening Police report and criminal theft actions against the Company and Racheal J.

Funny thing Read Racheal J's Linkedin Profile - Supposedly the Good Christian Girl. Biggest *** theif and Liar on Uship



I am very sorry to hear that your item was picked up, but still hasn't been delivered. Please contact uShip Member Support at regarding your shipment. If you are having difficulty contacting the service provider you selected, then we will reach out on your behalf to make sure they are communicating with you to complete the shipment.

@uShip Member Support

Duh? Think they havent tried reaching out to the thief? Do you really think the thief will answer usucks call?


Your story, is simply one of hundreds and possibly thousands. All the talk and ink in China will be too little, too late.

I have reported them to the Department of Transportation and they claim,Uship is not a broker, is not a shipper, is not insurance company, under the definition of what a broker is, what a shipper is, what an insurance company is they in my opinion meet the definition of all three and thus should be subject to the rules and regulations that professional companies like her summer to them are subject to these laws and regulations were put in place to protect the citizens. But uship, seems to garnish special treatment at the expense of hundreds of thousands of people. Your story is one of financial loss. Do you realize how many small pickup trucks, belonging to criminals and/or hobby haulers hook up to a load that is far in excess of what they should be hauling and they go all over the United States exceeding weight limits because they go around scale houses and do not have the proper insurance MC numbers are DOT numbers, these numbers ensure and guarantee proper insurance and proper training and traceability.

A class action lawsuit against our own government and Uship is what we now need. Report your losses to the Better Business Bureau in Austin Texas where you ship is located be prepared for a very friendly uship environment. They will try to sweep your complaint under the rug, just stick to the facts and demand they follow through also contact Texas Atty.

Gen. enough people complain something will get done.


Usuck hides behind the "neutral venue" *** they feed you. Now they are selling insurance for what?

Any legal carrier will have cargo insurance to cover any and all damages/loss's but the general public has no idea of this so they purchase the insurance from usuck!

What started out as a good venue has quickly turned to a sinking ship because of greed! I buy wrecked bikes from all over the US and ship them on Citizen Shipper (many usuck providers are there) for around 1/2 of Usucks bids.