New Port Richey, Florida
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Booked a shipment thru USHIP - accepted a bid from a shipper with a lot of feedback. Paid fee and deposit for accepting the bid.

Shipped picked up my shipment, quarenteed 72 hour delivery and insured per his profile on Uship. Shipment was to be completed, delivered to me by 12/24/2010 - well past the 72 hour guarentee. Shipper failed to deliver then and now. Now he refuses to deliver and expects me to pickup or pay Storage fees.

Uship - "we are 3rd party and are not liable". How about FRAUD?

They supposedly have a FRAUD insurance up to $500? Paid 1/2 the shipping via Paypal - along with the fee and deposit up front - have filed with Paypal - have a tentative refund - meaning - if shipped does not have funds - I am really out of pocket along with my items the shipper is holding for ransom.

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If you got a rebill for 4 time the amount of your original cost then you should learn to read a *** scale you pole sucker


I betcha it was Freightcenter. They scammed me too!

I got a rebill after my shipment delivered for 4x the original rate. I hope the choke in their sleep


I will tell you, 1 of the big probs with ushit, we are a transporter an are constantly being suspended for telling the truth to shippers about prices,etc uship says they are a nonprofit site BS, the deposit/match fee goes to the site and u pay a listing fee as well, the problem with the sit is 1-there average shipping cost bs thay show shippers, the site has ppl believing it still cost .80 cents - $ 1 per mile, yea maby 4-5 years ago, 2- they allow big trucking companies, an brokers to flud the site stealing all the work, the bigest prob is your situation, i see it all the time an i bet they had the cheapst bid to ? An there is were i warn all shippers we bid on, cheapest is not always best, the higher bids are usually frome REAL, LEGAL, AND PROPERLY INSURED TRANSPORTERS, whats bad is times are tuff rite now an 99% of shippers want somthing done for nothing, but they need to keep in mind, its tuff for us as well and wen your small family owned biz is how u survive its not rite, we are sorry for what you are going thru, and advise that you take action on uship as well as the scamer, and if u evr use the site again dont just go off the profile make the email or fax you all proof of compliance with ins,fmcsa dot etc.

That is you rite an we as transporters Have to provide it to the client. Good luck.


I was wondering if you ever got your money back from the USHIP SCAMMER or did you get your item dropped off? If you didnt let us know here and I can tell you who to report the scammer to at the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT FBI OFFICE. Also if you can post the scammers info so we all know who he is.