Wallingford, Connecticut
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Booked a shipment through uShip with a company out of Kansas for sending a short block (portion of an automobile engine) to a customer. Paid the uShip fee and emailed/called the winning bidder. They had no record of my accepting their bid! The point man said he would make sure the shipment was collected immediately and apologized for their screwup. The bid I accepted was $126. Gave them my credit card info only to discover awhile later that he charged me roughly 50% more than the bid amount ($187). Brought it to his attention and he said that figure would dro off my account once the shipment had been pickup that afternoon.

At 3pm pm the Friday the short block was to be collected I received a call from an intermediary who collects cargo for consolidating for Old Dominion. They told me they wouldn't be able to get out to my shop until the middle of the following week and that the shipment wouldn't even reach Old Dominion until even later that week!

I received nothing in the way of a response from these guys until after Mike got "back from lunch" at almost 4pm EST (he is in Kansas where they must take VERY late lunches. I canceled the transaction and awaited my refund. I received an email filled with BS from their head of "Cash Applications." The order was never processed according to her. That came as a surprise to my CC company on the following Monday. Finally, I convinced them to release the pending OVERCHARGE.

Then it was on to the lousy $17 refund from uShip. Four cancellation requests and an angry phone call later they finally remitted my money. Way too many hoops to jump through just to ship an item 700 miles. I'm done with their nonsense.

I don't know whether it's pure stupidity or a more nefarious reason but I would advise anyone thinking of uShip to run the other way.

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Uship got my wife for 2500. Sons a *** were supposed to send french bulldog from Portland to tulsa.

Just kept calling for more money. Some guy name james. 971-266-3233.

If you see this number run away. Seller was Sergey or Daniel koch.