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I sent a request to find out what it would cost for my wife and I to send our motorcycles from NJ to Las Vegas. I got an email from USHIP about their process and 10 minutes later received a notification that an auction had started to fulfill my request. I NEVER AUTHORIZED THE AUCTION TO START!

This company is crooked. I don't know what penalty I will pay to end this falsely started auction but I'm sure they'll demand $$$.



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Hello lmurphy536,

uShip is an online shipping marketplace where you receive bids, or in other words quotes, from transportation companies willing to service your shipment. You as the shipper can choose who you like based on their price as well as their feedback from other shippers. You are under no obligation to accept a bid if you do find a provider that meets your needs. If that is the case then please simply delete your listing so that it is no longer active and open for bids.

Please contact Member Support at if you have any questions about this process.

-uShip Member Support


I recommend that you stay away from Uship. It appears the vast majority of transporters bidding on shipment on that website are not licensed and do not have cargo insurance.

Always ask any transporter for their DOT and MC (motor carrier) numbers, most Uship transporters don't have these numbers and are operating illegally if they transport goods for hire across state lines. Google Uship Pissed Consumer and read page after page of unhappy former Uship customers complaints. I called Uship about a company that is not DOT compliant that I know for a fact had items stolen out of their truck, changed their phone numbers, did not compensate their customers for their loss (worth tens of thousands of dollars) and are still bidding on shipments on Uship. The Uship rep said it's not their job to make sure transporters are DOT compliant and did nothing to remove this illegal transporter from their site or protect other Uship customers from this illegal transporter.

This is not an isolated incident, this is Uship's standard operating procedure. Uship makes lots of money off these unlicensed transporters and are not about to forbid them from bidding on shipments on their site. Uship knows that most transporters on their site are not DOT compliant but does nothing about it. Additionally, Uship is acting as a broker by taking a fee on every booked shipment even though they claim to be a Neutral Venue.

Uship is not DOT licensed and not bonded. Once again, I highly recommend you seek out a legitimate, licensed and insured transporter to handle your shipping needs and always verify a transporters DOT and MC numbers.


oh, ps. you shouldn't be charged anything for an auction unless YOU accept a bid.

if you dont trust em, might be safer just to cancel that auction, or maybe even deactivate your account. I assume they have your cc info now


yeah. I'm a 3rd party on uShip, and it seems the same for sure the other way ya look at it too.

You know they mark up rates like crazy. Difficult for us to find our carriers any honest deals there.