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Anyone needing to try and attempt to do something about USHIP and their practices needs to speak up!

I have ben burned by them,and finding this site,I cant beleive the horror stories of puppies,BOATS STOLEN,cars,furniture!

I got burnt being a transporter,beleiveing USHIP was collecting some of my money in the name of "deposits"!They have a account set up for my business,and come to find out USHIP KEEPS IT ALL!


Folks,I hate dishonesty!USHIP replys back,"it is confusing"?????

There is nothing "confusing" about being truthful-honest-up front-black and white!Confusing-means Im lying,not truthful,I can lie to someone,and later say,OH, I didnt know,I wasnt sure?Forgive me?

Well USHIP,that is a lie...confusing...you know exactly what your doing!


After reading so many complaints,and having being lied to and cheated by USHIP.

Im taking action!

Folks call the following-report-open a case!I have done some of the leg work for you...most of all,wherever you are call YOUR LOCAL AUTHORITY!(police/sheriff's office,make a report-NOW,even if it happened a week ago,month ago,and explained to the police,you didnt know you could do anything! YOU CAN!YOU NEED A REPORT FROM YOUR POLICE DEPARTMENT!


Contact the following;

Texas States Attorney General


They will ask what part,USHIP, is in AUSTIN,County of TRAVIS,State of Texas

(YOU must know this info!)I spoke to Kathleen,you may not get this person.

Federal Trade Commission-Randy or Holly,again you may not get this person!


They will check it out!They will give you a case number!

Have dates,what it was,how much you got took for,how much money did you loose?Have as much info as possible,even if you cant remember,call and file a complaint!

BBB Austin Texas,Travis County Branch


Im not at this point looking for money,I just dont want this to happen to anyone else,it is a down right shame for people to trust,and loose money,but again, your life's memories,(regarding the folks who lost their home furnishings from a "mover",boats/cars,etc,your hard work/your hard money...gone

USHIP says it is a 3rd party-neutral? hog wash,there getting paid,there getting peoples money.I bet some of our big stores would love that big line-3rd party,you cant sue me,Im a 3rd party-neutral! what ever!

Hope this helps...spread the word...speak up!-dont shut up!

BTW,contact YOUR local States Attorney General/BBB/contact your locals news station-call fox NEWS!

In SC,channel 7 "News on your side"

Call your local state pet adoption centers,alert them!

Hope this helps ..just one person.

I will keep updates,as I can.


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Contact: trotterautotransport@hotmail.com if you have been scammed on uship or if you have been forced to take their illegal safepay escrow scam. Charges are being compiled and the more people that help file, the more it will help get a class action suit against uship. If you have lost revenue in any form due to uship's poor business practices, if you have been kicked off for notifying uship of a scammer or you feel they singled you out for a personal vendetta, contact Lonnie @ Trotter and get the needed documentation to add your info to the report. SPEAK UP, TAKE CONTROL. YOU CAN HELP SHUT DOWN USHIP ONCE AND FOR ALL AND GET A SETTLEMENT FOR LAST WAGES FOR THEIR POOR BUSINESS PRACTICES

BTW, shut the fruck up ushit, nothing but fecal matter from your lips


In other words: "Read our terms and conditions to see that we have no responsibility beyond taking your money"

Meanwhile you folks spend an enormous amount of time and money trying to cover your tracks and to seem almost legit. What a racket.....


As a representative of uShip, Inc., I am here to clear up some confusion. Every person that decides to register an account on uShip chooses to abide by the terms and conditions stated within the User Agreement.

We never claim to be a transportation company, but rather an online platform for shipping customers to connect with independent transportation companies.

uShip IS a NEUTRAL venue and not a broker, freight forwarder, or transportation company. We do not employ transporters or select carriers for shipping customers. Instead, we empower our customers to choose a Service Provider that meets their needs, based on the profile information and communication between them.

In fact, we provide a Safe Shipping Guide on the site that gives tips and resources for selecting a Service Provider.

Furthermore, the payment process is clearly stated within the User Agreement. Our users are welcome to contact Member Support if they ever have any questions or concerns.