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Has anyone else thought to for's MC# and DOT#? If they were collecting payment and then paying the transporters, doesn't this make them a broker? A broker must have these. If Uship did not have these numbers, they were operating in violation of the U.S. DOT. Perhaps this is why the practice was stopped.

As a freight broker myself, I started using by posting loads for a specific job. We received many inquiries for the job with lots of qusetions. After answering these with questions of our own, such as "Do you have an MC#?" the transporters stopped all communication. Guess they weren't legit!

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I have.Filed a complaint against them on operating as a broker, when their not, now they are paying broker fees, plus you must have a MC number transport for them.

I warned them, over and over. Now fase two begins.

Im going to drain their bank account, for over charging transporters.for excessive calculations. Per, Labor Board.

They review a flag, but not a cancellation.And im just getting started!


God I miss They were so much better than this


If you try to explain the breakdown to s shipper they flag you saying you are confusing the shipper as if they are retarded but the fact is they double charge, They charge from the shipper then they charge the carrier a percentage of the bid and once a shipper excepts a bid u-ship charges them one again for a so called deposit that is never given to the carrier but is kept as a broker fee yet they say they are not a broker and they also don't give information for the IRS when a carrier tries to claim the fee's as a business expense . They are a pure rip off and if you call them on it they e-mail all your bookings and claim you as a carrier are comiting fraud in some way and tell them they should cancel and re-submit their shipment then they suspend the carriers account so they are banned from the site.

Very shady business. I am a legal carrier and they say I am the fraud.

#428497 is clearly the better option.


new show on A&e called shipping wars uses u ship.not one vehicle on the show has mc dot or comp name i thought if you were for hire you must have at least one of these. federal law requires this . how can these get away with this


I have a much better idea. Stop paying ridiculous fees.

Go to It is currently a 100% free website for everyone. Get new loads or post new loads for free. No commissions, open communication, no contracts, no fine print, no claok and dagger.

Auto transport, pet transport, freight shipping, motorcycle transport, and boat shipping. Good luck


I was told that they are still forcing ONLY uship payments but are hiding it now so the DOT does not see it. You are stating they no longer are forcing shippers to take it?


A carrier MUST bid all enclusive so SHIP can take a percentage from the entire bid. That includes a percentage of my fuel surcharge.

That is illegel. period