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Uship does not verify there trucking companines. Anyone can register as a trucking company.

Go to www.uship.com and fill out the from then click on I am a carrier. Will be asked or your MC number or it also say I have a CDL. Click I have a CDL will show upon request. Fill out the rest of your info.

Just make up a company name and a profile. Once completed uship will email you a verify my login info. Click on like and start bidding on shipment. I would guess that about 60 percent the people on www.ship.com have no trucking or broker authority.

I just did it and bid on 15 shipments and won 2 of them. I then cancel my account. I am a guy who mows lawns for a living and have never been in a truck every.

I have no knowledge of what a logistics company does. Try it it works

Product or Service Mentioned: Uship Account.

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Its a Joke Uship never approve this kind of account


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Anyone can create an account on uShip. Why someone who cannot transport anything would create a transporter account and place bids on shipments makes little sense, and we do have a third party to verify credentials such as MC and DOT numbers.

While this program is optional, we highly encourage transporters to use it and customers to check for the seal on transporters' accounts. Furthermore, while we do not verify credentials up front, if we find that an account holder is bidding on items they are not legally able to haul, the account is placed on hold immediately.


Bull any one can haul, Criminals are asking other,s to bid for them, so after they steal there item, the criminal, has no trail, all you care about is getting your money.

@one of the non MC DOT

Anyone can haul,Yet I am suspended for taking a load from a friend who left me feedback and was immediately suspended .Yet they encourage crooks to come on and do nothing

Crooks hang around Crooks


who threw you off that *** marisa s


it is easy to make a fake shipping company account just click on I have a CDL an never asked for federal MC number. Besides that I checked our Federal MC number of the 10 I looked up only three of them were valid. You car shipping companies are listed multiple times and they just bid under different shipping company names.


Your third party monkey site is nothing more than a edited version of safer/sys.org. Why in the world anyone would pay for half *** information when the real deal is free?

Its nothing more than a site that usuck can manipulate to suit their needs. I know the real deal safer/sys.org would not want to play your game.