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I had a shipment scheduled with two people from Washington. They managed to steal my money as well as several others, who were scammed. The other people are taking there own actions, while I deal with USHIP.com, paypal, and credit card companies. The majority of the amount scammed is from these people:




John Baker

Jeannine Baker

located in Washington

Cell: 360-909-3067

The remaining "deposit" with USHIP is not refunded either. Try finding a contact number for USHIP, a small challenge.

I hope no one else goes through this, and the only way to be certain is not to use USHIP, or make sure your transport companies are insured and get all the numbers....

Take care.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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These idiots here at uship are nothing but *** artists!!! THEY STOLE MY MONEY AND MY DOG.

I told them i contacted the police, and what a suprise, they turned off the phone # they gave me. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR $ WITH USHIP!!

Besides the only ppl posting positive feedback are employees of uship!!! DONT BE FOOLED!!!!!


Well, you are clearly why people drop a IQ number or two, I am a uShip provider I stand by my work and aim to please with any shipment I make. You had a bad experience with it but does not mean everyone else will......

so F .... U


good for you , yes usip is great ,, but people should do there due diligance and investiaget a shipper before hireing them.. someone with zero feedback or poor reviews is dangerous , choose a trusted , reviewed service provoder and you will get awesome servive


this *** *** stole from me, beware of this scam bastards!


When deciding whether or not to use UShip and take a big risk by choosing from 1000's of illegals to transport your property, do what I did and go visit www.StopIllegalTrucking.Com Those guys helped me by answering all my questions and checking out all my bidders for FREE. It was quick too.


So there will always be unhappy folks in all walks of life. Story is, your credit card companies do not always post your refunds right away.

It could take a month, and sometimes 45 days. Uship holds the deposit you pay them, and the TSP never gets your credit card information. If you pay via Paypal, and you use a credit card, even if a dispute is for a service, any credit card company will do a charge back, and suck the funds out of our account. So you see, it is impossible for anyone to have a deposit "stolen" by us.

We have been in business many years, and have hundreds of very happy customers. We have federal authority to transport household goods, and motor vehicles. We carry a $750,000 commercial insurance policy with no claims for over six years now. Everyone that canceled on us got their deposits back, maybe not right away like in five minutes, but they all got their monies returned to them.

We have been to court several times over the years, we have put lien's on items, and have even had items reposed from customers who refused to pay for the services we rendered. Our honor has never been in question. We have never been taken out of service by the DOT.

Our trucks always pass inspection. When there are delays, as long as everyone keeps their head, we complete what we started.


It is my experience that a company does not need a deposit to ensure payment. They already have your property and can place a lien on it if you do not pay.

I believe Jazzyrunners story. It is more likely that a shipper will not cancel last minute if they have already payed 50%. However, it takes a strong business plan and an extremely disciplined person not to spend money you have that is not yet earned. I suspect they got comfortable with the "advance" and used it a running funds, so when a breakdown occured there wasn't money to make the run.

That was their mistake.

However, you should defineately watch what you post as they have legal rights and remedies to protect themselves, especially if they refunded money. My advise jazzyrunner is take them to court.


Are stealing money and cars,boats,ATVs, hunting vehicles and jetskis and money from anyone they do business with on uship.


The number for Uship is 18006987447. We went a year on Uship with 100% positive feedback, and a year and a half with a 99% positive rating.

We have a rating of 99.2% with 1102 customers on another site since 2004. It was not until we had a large run fall apart, and we had asked the remaining customers to pay the 50% we required when they accepted our bid that we started getting the cancellations, and the rude comments left on our profile. We had to believe that if you could not pay us the 50% we required when you accepted our bid, and you made a big deal out of paying it several weeks later, that we may have gotten stiffed once the deliveries were made. In nearly all of the jobs that could not pay us the 50% deposit, and we requested a cancellation on we were the lowest bid.

At .85 per mile on our trips, we cannot afford any cancellations, that is why we have always required a 50% down payment as soon as the job is booked. By the time the run is ready to load out, if you have not paid the required 50% by that time, and could not pay once we were ready to leave, we had to cancel to make space for a paying job along the route.

If you want to hear both sides of the story, call Uship, and ask for Marisa Soliz. She is our account rep, and she will tell you that as soon as the cancellations go through, the customers get the deposits back.


We never stole anyone's money. Despite what they say, everyone got their deposits back.

Our Uship account is still suspended, and our Paypal account is in the negative from paying everyone back. We have and MC number, and we carry the authority to transport household goods.

Not one of the Uship customers ever enterd into abbritration, which is what is required by law for us legal shippers beore any slandering, or other public comments are made. So everyone has our number, maybe we should post the train of emails from each customer, and the Paypal records showing they got their deposits back!


Hi I'm a TSP who uses uship from time to time and I agree there are some bad people out there. But when you choose your bid always check out the TSP plus their feed back.

If they don't display a dot and mc numbers don't trust them. If they have alot of bad feed back or cancelled loads don't trust them. You guys want stuff shipped cheap and I can understand that but cheap isn't always the way to go. I'm sure you relize it but don't think of it at the time but we do not only have fuel cost but insurance that most of us offer to you for free plus maintance cost plus our time.

We do have to make a little something off of this to. You wouldn't go to work and work for nothing would you. I try to bid anywhere in between 90 cents and $1.25 a mile. Just depends on the size,weight,and how far I have to go with it.

Know you fiqure up the milage at $1.25 a mile and tell me you can do this for that round trip bet you can't.

Yeah I would like to charge more and get rich but it's hard to do when people hire the illegals that rip themoff because they think the cheap way is the best way. Sometimes it pays to pay a little more for a legal and honest driver


Hello, I am a TSP on u-Ship.com, I serve more or less as a Consultant to new truckers, as as long as I have been registered there, I have only bid on maybe 5 items, and have 1 completed run, I canceled due to customer misrepresentation, and 2 I could not service due to time constraints, and scheduling issues.

I am here to tell ya, you need to verify any and all TSP's your going to use, uship does NOT do this, they are an open market place, there for susceptible to *** artists, and fly-by-niter's!

There last known MAIN OFFICE NUMBER is: 515-535-5230, Good luck... Also, it would be beneficial to use the member forum on uShip.com, there you can locate the tools you need to research the tsp your planning on using.


I had the same horrible experience with jazzyrunner (John and Jeanine Baker). They asked for 50% deposit up front via paypal which I paid.

They never picked up my car and stole the deposit. U-ship has even asked them to refund our deposit, and they still are trying to lie their way into keeping it. Pay more for a reputable shipper. Make sure they are licensed and bonded.

Get their DOT # and business name so you can check them out before giving any money up front. Beware U-ship and beward jazzyrunner, John and Jeanine Baker, they are not honest!

They will say or do anything, all they care about is keeping your money, regardless of whether or not they do the job. What a nightmare.