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I first must be fair and give the terms and conditions first paragrph coppied off the site today.10/8/2011

uShip is a Neutral Venue. uShip is not a Transportation Service Provider (TSP), freight forwarder or broker. Our site acts as a venue where shipping customers and TSPs can meet and enter into agreements. We are not involved in the actual transaction between shipping customers and TSPs. As a result, we have no control over the quality, safety, or legal aspects of the transactions that take place on our website. uShip does not prequalify or validate the claims of TSPs including with respect to their licensure, insurance and registration. We and our website function solely as a neutral venue and digital clearinghouse where two parties may agree on a price for a particular type of service. We are the neutral venue for this connection between you and other members. We do not provide any endorsement for you or your services, you acknowledge and agree that we do not provide the services and we are not in any way responsible for assisting you in any manner with your provision of the services. We cannot and will not guarantee the ability of members to complete payment for any of the provided services. Furthermore, due to the difficulty of individual authentication, especially on the Internet, we cannot and will not in any manner verify or confirm the identity or ability of members to pay for the provided services. You acknowledge and agree that any and all communications, correspondence, verbal or written, or any warranties or representations, made with regard to the services are not provided by us and are specifically and solely between you and the other member. Because we are not involved in the actual transaction between shipping customers and TSPs, we have no control over the accuracy of listings, the ability of TSPs to transport items, or the ability of shipping customers to send items. We cannot ensure that a shipping customer or TSP will actually complete a shipment.

I put this here to explin the major discrepencies in this. First of all they are not a neutral venue they faver the shipper not the transporters by giving them low ball costs to ship. They say "

uShip is not a Transportation Service Provider (TSP), freight forwarder or broker" how eer they now take payment from the shipper and hold it until delivery is made and do not pay the transporter for up to four days. That is a direct contradiction of their own policy,

On their site transporters can list their own terms and conditions like COD, no check, ect. Now uship says if you do not follow this new ram it down your throat idea they will kick you off or if you ask for the money from them up front they will kick you off their site. They not only handel your money without a contract like legal brokers have they also charge the truckers an additional admin fee. When confronted with this conflict of interest as being illegal to hold transporters money and charge an additional fee the response is it is illegal to do that but not to change policy inwich you must aggree or be kicked off site. Even if your terms and conditions are clearly posted on yuor uship profile.I doubt they have a brokers lic anyway but I know of several cases they have no signed contact to hold carriers money. If you tell the shipper how much uship carges or mention fees you get kicked off too.

I know this is lenthly but think it is worth pointing out. Truckers be ware and if they are going to continue this practice legal brokers don't even charge the percentage uship does. Better off going to them.

Thanks for listening and I love this site.

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Well, you're a trucker, you're not a ***, you don't use UShip, it's that simple.


I agree with Honda Hills. is the best/only real alternative to uShip.

Full disclosure and completely free to use. How can you beat that? Why would anyone use a service like uShip where there is closed communication subject to a cloak & dagger atmosphere, plus pay ridiculous hidden fees and commissions.

My one and only wish would be if they had more listings to choose from. Good luck to I hope they win the real shipping wars.


Yea uShip is ridiculous. Their customer service is illiterate.

They don't even know when diesel prices go up.



i hole hartly agree with you i am trying to get fmcsa to look into this i looked up the definition of a freight broker and it reads this a person or company who for compensationarrenge for transprotation of cargo belonging to others. it fits a fee to tdp and the shipper also is charge to list with smell and acts like a broker there for it is a broker


Go post this on too.