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USHIP, killing the honest and legal American trucker and trucking industry.

They format of USHIP is great and easy to use. However, USHIP does NOT police their site for illegal truckers and trucking companies. The legal American trucker spends thousands a year on insurance and there is more thousands spent on permits and maintenance and taxes. The illegal truckers bid hundreds and even thousands less to get the bid. They claim to have insurance yet if they had to pay $7200.00 per year which is what I pay and that is the cheapest available, they could not operate for the prices they bid. At $1.00 per mile, a trucker may make 20-30 cents a mile if lucky after expenses. The illegal shippers offering service at 60-80 cents per mile is killing the honest trucker. If USHIP made all the truckers who use their site show proof of insurance, permits MC/DOT and CDL, they would have a fair site for both the consumer and operator. USHIP make at least 5% commission even when they low ball illegal wana be trucker wins the bid. They would still make their money if all they had was legal truckers,....maybe more. It shows they care nothing about the American trucker and when it comes down to it they care nothing about the consumer. Just wait for an illegal trucker to have an accident and lose the cargo...or worse yet the cargo and someone's life. The illegal truckers insurance won't cover the loss and someone's life just got destroyed. Where's USHIP going to stand on that? Do it right and do it's so sad to see a brilliant site ruin an industry.

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Hey Uship you make me laugh, you state how you have all this info so a shipper can do there checking of service providers but the problem is you have it so far hidden in your BULL *** pages of nonesense you cant find it. Then your offer of a Guarentee is really sad, out of the THOUSANDS of people that were ripped off how many claims have you paid on that you can prove you paid?

After the fact when someone tries to claim on it there is NO WAY IT CAN HAPPEN the way you have it written, if no one believes me go read what they want from you to collect its a JAOKE. THEN you claim all SERVICE PROVIDERS have to agree that they are LEGAL to transport what they are licensed for, well what happens when us TSP tell you of someone that is scamming people? Are Felons? Have more than one account?

You dont do anything because you hide behind your NEUTRAL BS Claim. How about the TSP's that scam people and have TAG SALES right in there front lawn and you are told about it and DO NOTHING?

Or how about the FELONS & CHILD MOLESTORS that are provided to you with PROOF and you do nothing? USHIP you all are a JOKE and MATT CHASEN is the biggest *** going and one day he will find us drivers at his house in Austin.


For a better shipping experience where you get to keep what you earn, while passing the savings onto your customer....I highly recommend using They are currently a free service that promotes open communication between all parties and do not charge a commission. They specialize in all types of shipping including nationwide auto transport, pet transport, motorcycle transport, moving and freight.


as a licinese mover that has all are right uship should be require by law to check who,s legal are not.i pay alot in fees permits and insurace per year and i look at these bids for moving and most are lowballed.i forgot workers comp which cost 33.00 per hundred payed out to who helps load or unlicense movers give legal movers a bad name.


All Service Providers agreed to the uShip User Agreement which states that they can only bid on items that they are legally able to haul. With that said, uShip does not screen any Service Providers. However, there is certain information that customers can request from the Service Providers to verify their credentials, identity and such. These include: insurance information, references, bills of lading, MC/DOT numbers (if relevant), etc. uShip also provides information on what to ask Service Providers in our Safe Shipping Guide, among other tips and resources.

uShip has also recently partnered with CarrierWatch, a third party service dedicated to monitoring legal authorities of carriers. A Service Provider can only display their MC/DOT information if they have been CarrierWatch verified. This is an optional feature for Service Providers, but is recommended so shipping customers can have additional security when choosing a Service Provider.

Customers are still encouraged to do their due diligence when it comes to choosing a Service Provider. Remember, effective communication and research is key to decreasing any potential risks.

Contact Member Support with any concerns or questions.


That is a nonsense response. The bottom line is that the DOT does not enforce HWY usage enough having more unions will not prevent illegal haulers from hauling, it will increase it.

The unions will push rates higher for legal haulers therefore increasing the amount of illegal hauling. The answer is for higher scrutiny on the HWY. The problem is that the DOT does not enforce shady looking drivers because they don't make money when drivers don't pay fines.

They only enforce fines on company trucks that pay the bills. Get real - the problem here is more along the lines of illegal immigration and your answer is to have tighter restrictions on the legals?


Untill the current crop of drivers wake up and sign union cards ther is not much hope for the industry. Why do so many company drivers vote the union down?

Fellows, you are working for 1970 wages. Remember there is strength in numbers.