Morriston, Florida
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uship was paid by me on a Sunday to ship my Harley from FL. to Oh.

I explained to uship the bike had to be in Cleveland by Friday. They said no problem and that R L Carriers would pick up the bike on Wednesday between 12 noon and 4pm I believed uship so I booked a flight to cleaveland as the deal I had made the guy in OH was trade my HD for his Hino box truck. Well R L Carriers never showed uo so I called uship back and was told by some child that they hired that in fact my bill of lading somehow got tossed in there trash bin so the never sent it R L. So I told her that bike had to be in OH.

by firday as the guy in OH. was going out of town for 2 weeks and needed to wrap this deal up before leaving. She said the best uship could do was get it there on the following Tuesday OR she would refund me my money now and give me a 10.00 dollar coupon for my next purchase with uship WTF. I had to rent a Penske truck one way 467.00 plus fuel 455.00 lost my flight money 160.00 and a motel room 69.00 total 1151.00 my uship price was 375.00 difference of 775 give or take.

After the trip I got on the phone with more nitwits from usit oops uship all said its not there problem they blamed me, R L, the way the moon had lined up with Saturn but THEY kept saying ustrip opps uship is not at fault.

Well a month went by and out of the blue this nit wit named Brandon Cruz calls me from ush*t oops uship customer service and asked about my experience with uship when I told him he said oh I heard all about you in our meeting and that he had to go and in the middle of me speaking he hung up. I called right back and he hung up I called for days and no one new of him. I called my bank and asked if uship had in fact refunded my money and they had NOT. those *** lied again 6 more calls to usit to get them to pay me my money that was to be paid 40 days ago.

If you have read this far remember USHIT has only been in business for 10 years they told me they are just the middle man or as I call them ( skimmers ) all they do is steel money from both sides and when theres a problem they all hide like little girls behind mommy's skirt including the Owner floorMatt Chasen. Don't use uship and they will go away, just like lawyers.

Monetary Loss: $775.

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