Ocala, Florida

One issue with this company is they treat legitimate carriers like trash. I've been waiting for over a MONTH for $450 to be released to me for a vehicle transport I did that was a 1-4 day ACH deposit.

They state that the ACH was rejected twice because of improper routing numbers. The same numbers that every broker uses to transfer my funds for services I provide. Now I have asked them just to the mail a check to me and they state they can't because my account shows I HAVE ALREADY RECEIVED THE MONEY! Then when you finally get a human on the phone they are chocked full of attitude and offer no solution other than, "we are going to have to call you back once we have looked into this issue".

Uship does not care about the carriers on their site... once they receive their money that is all they are concerned with. Pay the extra money...

go with a broker and deal with legitimate people in the industry. Shelton - Clover Bar Logisitcs LLC

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Why would anyone use a broker? Contact a transportation company!


When I first started trucking again i used ushit i had my fot numbers but I did not have my mc numbers i still carried a million dollars in insurance and a hundred thousand dollars in cargo insurance . After 6 months they locked my account and then they tried to hold my last run payment of 1200 dollars.

It took two weeks before they released it to me. Now I have everything i need but they won't re open the account.

I don't care because I use broker's now and make a *** of a lot more. *** on u ***.