Allentown, Pennsylvania
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I was also scammed your story sounds a little familiar with mine. I wanted to buy a puppy for my kids so I went online found a man selling miniture bulldogs so he replied to me saying sorry he took so long to get back to me but that he was at work.

Then he said he has 3 puppies for sale 1 male 2 females. So he goes on telling me that he was selling them cheap because his wife had just passed and they kept reminding him of her he mad his story sound so sad. Then he tells me $570 for each with shots and all papers well everything. I was like wow exactly what I had saved up.

So I send the money threw money gram. Then I get all this info emailed to me of the puppy. Then I get told that puppy can't be delivered because apparently the crate that the previous owner put the puppy in was broken. So I had to pay $2,500 for a cage for the puppy to be delivered to my door step.

I said I don't have that money and then tells me that the previous owner was kind enough to pay $2,000 that I now have to pay $800. I was like I don't have it I was told $570 no more no less.

So the guy from uship hangs up on me and was very nasty to me. So now I'm left with $570 less and no puppy for my kids.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Im so sorry to hear about this THE EXACT same thing just happened to me with the same story abt his wife passing away and them reminding them of her!


Thank you for writing this review...I almost paid $450 to some scammers in "Montana" that had the same exact story as you.


It's so wrong for people to do this not caring how we work hard to make our money. They want the easy money. But one day they will get caught.