Bath, Bath And North East Somerset
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I have been scammed yesterday by a puppy dog scammer using this uship pp

I pay £150 then 45 minutes later they wanted £550 for create and injection costs

I realised it was a scam once I said I couldn't pay any more then I started getting hounded for more I said I don't have it then they sent me a law email saying I have abounded an animal and if I don't pay within 48 hours I could end up paying xxxxx amount of court and jail

I didn't answer them back have had nothing since I have reported to the ad site I found the ad on they have put sold on the ad and as "the person" added me on Facebook I have blocked them and have reported the page as a fake account

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Same thing with me. A little French bulldog. I want to report to do I do it