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Update by user Feb 15, 2015

Not resolved they are awfoul and disguesting

Original review posted by user Jan 15, 2015

I order a dog and uship pet courier delivery killed my dog and scammed me with money and wanted more money if I don't give it to them I will not get a refund they are thief and and Honest people his name is john and wants u to wire money intl they are ***

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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You're an ***.


I didn't get the dog and this was my first time dealing with this Situation never ever will that again yes I figured I got scammed That's why I put it out there so no one will ever go Thur what my son and I did there people that are heart less we finally found another dog in our area and I had to get the same breed for my other dog cause she doesn't get alone with other breeds and now there both happy with each other


Ok so ,... did u actually received the dead pet?

To me it sounds like a scam that has being going around for a while...

all its orchestrated by one person...

Where the seller its also the Ushipper carrier... the seler of the item will create a shipper and a carrier account on Uship (fake accounts obviously) and sometimes they will show the buyers that the listing exists and all its going well.. and a LOT of buyers thats enough..

if not.. they will even make it look like the carrier has picked up the item and thats its on its way...

If you havent fell for the scam at that point.. then they will even pay the 10-50dlls that uship charges on fees for shippers and carriers, maybe even create fake ph# from disposable phones or virtual number so you can call a few times and so then you can feel safe to send the money.

And then...

they will contact you saying that the Uship carrier killed the dog and that the seller its trying to figure it out to get compensation from carrier or uship leaving you mad at Uship.

Dont get me wrong.. i hate that you got scammed and hate even more that scammers are using this platform to scam people, because uship it one of my sources of income. So if you physically received a dead dog makes a difference.. but the carrier its to blame on that, not uship.

And if you didnt received anything but a message from the seller that the dog got killed by the driver... then they scammed you bad.


Sorry to hear about any dog losing its life but i dont get why people would order a dog or cat or any type of pet online. In local shelters everywhere thousands of dogs and cats need good homes. Adopt people and help save a life!


Anything recommended by eBay is usually a scam..eBay itself scams millions of people a year!!..I myself have paid to have listing sold only to find out the bidder was a well know Nigerian scammer..and eBay couldn't care less!!. They even billed me for a buy it now fee !!..


U ship has nothing to do with this. They are scammers using the U ship name. You will never get your money back from them.