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Hey everyone.

Uship definitely sucks in every category, but you can make money off of their ignorance. I have been doing this for over a year, and the trick is to do a good job with every company that has a steady flow of inventory. In my case it's trailers out of South Georgia headed north.

Do a few, on time, and in perfect shape, and soon you and the company will ditch Uship and deal directly with each other. This applies in any category. I am currently shipping as many trailers as I want out of south Georgia, cash on delivery, with a 3/4 ton van and stay as busy as I want to be. Suffer with Uship until you find a customer like this. look for companies that need one particular item shipped on a regular basis. There are at least ten manufacturers in the Douglas, Ga area that are desperate for deliveries. Google them and forget uship!

I did.

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