Washington, District Of Columbia
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If you have a complaint against the company file a complaint here:


If you had contact over the internet file here also:


If it involved interstate transportation/fraud go here as well:


Also, file a complaint with your state's Attorney General's Office and/or Consumer Protection Agency/Department.

Additionally, file a complaint with the State of Texas Attorney General's Office.

Nothing is more important than filing complaints where they should be: the appropriate government agencies. not an online forum. Posting the problem here will work as a warning for others but do nothing to stop the abuse.

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Where to do go to file a complaint against the DOT? They authorize *** movers to become movers, that makes this accountable too right?

USHIP does not move a thing! They are a site people that brings you options. The alternative is high moveing and freight rates. Either that or press your luck!

Best to do you homework no matter what. Does anyone really think the the overpaid DOT people are in the best position to regualate an industry of thieves.

They themselves should be investigated. They get their fees and play watchdog over an industry they know *** about!