Bloomington, Illinois

I used uship to transport a commercial refrigerator from New York to Iowa. The driver picked the load up 5 hrs late and did not have a truck large enough to transport.

He transported it on its side 1100 miles. I took pictures and did not accept shipment per advise from my local equipment company. I contacted uship to file claim and they will not take claim. They also state the drivers are not paid or employed by uship.

So when I asked for the drivers CDL # and insurance information I was told UShip does not screen drivers and they do not know if they are insured or not. After trying to contact the driver and the seller contacting the driver we were told the merchandise is in a location he was not going to reveal. I had to involve the police today and file a theft claim against USHIPS Driver. Now have been trying to get in contact with USHIP and they no longer will answer the phone.

Finally was able to file claim but had to make up address where refrigerator was because USHIP employees will not take information or call back like TYLER F.

at USHIP Stated he would. There is now a police case # and I have to pursue legal action against USHIP and the driver.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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You *** at Usuck are charging upwards of 17% to service providers for what? a website?

Get a grip Jami. Matt Chasen has his employees fooled too.

Stuff your neutral venue *** somewhere else! Please don't tell me that Tyler Schiff is back to his same *** again and Usuck endorses it?


While this certainly does not constitute 'fraud,' we were very sorry to hear that the transporter chosen by the customer did not properly move this item.

uShip does not employ the transporters who book loads through our site, and we are not an authoritative figure. We do have a third party verification system by which transporters can show that they have the proper credentials to haul. We also have a Safe Shipping Guide available that details how to wisely choose a transporter and safely ship your items. We are not involved in the actual transport of items. Therefore, we are limited as to how involved we can be in disputes arising during or after the transportation process.

We also do not process claims over the phone. A 'File a Claim' button is available from the time of booking on each shipment where insurance has been applied. The customer was nerve barred from filing a claim; he was advised that are certain steps he should take and documentation he should gather to ensure his claim would be processed. Much of those steps are not possible if the customer has not accepted the item.

I know that Tyler has spoken with this customer and the transporter several times to act as a liaison between the two parties. If a phone call was not returned at some point, that is certainly our fault and I apologize if that happened.


You could make your "third party verification system" mandatory. That way, you would protect uShip from collecting any revenue from illegal activities.

From Section of the IRS manual; The definition of Organized Crime: Organized crime groups possess certain characteristics which include, but which are not limited to, the following: They insulate their leadership from direct involvement in illegal activities by their intricate organizational structure.


Funny, sounds like the US Government. Which really isn't funny since the reason people do stuff "illegally" is because of over regulation.


You are supposed to be somewhat professional, but I know many working there in Austin has a distorted view of what professional really means. As you go through your daily routines at and in Austin Texas you seem to think be a professional is you are collecting a lot of money professionally.

My grandfather said a blind hog finds an acorn sometimes, now I know what he was talking about, every once in a blue moon a ship and go through without a hitch and the rest you just cover up along with the help of the Better Business Bureau there in Austin. Scamming people out of their money, for shipments, when you claim you're not a broker, for insurance when you claim you're not an insurance company, I've read some comments where you encourage the person that has damaged our non-delivered freight to simply suit the shipper who more and more seems to disappear, at the first complaint and simply make up a new name.

Why don't you simply get out of the business do the world a favor you don't ship, but your name implies you do, you're not a broker yet you broker loads, you're not an insurance company yet you ensure loads. All the things you are not add to it you are not a decent company.


bowe, My hats off to you! Well said!