Raleigh, North Carolina

I used uship for my move. Don't be fooled by their $500 guarantee.

The guys picked up goods from my house and we never received them. The providers does not answer our calls. When I emailed uship, they replied that they are only the medium between provider and customer and they are not responsible for such frauds!!!!!! I am shell shocked.

The best they can do is to give you that $15 they charged you for booking.

If you want to loose all your belongings, uship is the best place to ship. This is a big scam and most dangerous online business I have experienced.

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if in Australia use Australian companies.

www.freightbidz.com.au is Australian owned and not too big not to care. :grin


I haven't done a uship job since august when they started this mess.Normally I would do 3 to 4 thousand a month with them. I have been suspended so many times since then while fighting uship for our rights.

Once I was suspended for life after calling matt Chasen a "clown". How did I know he was the founder? It says on their site next to his Lovely picture he is an "employee'? I also have found another way to make a living since they took my business away from me.

I will now simply suplement my income when I feel like it. Too bad matt had to screw things up so bad.


What kinda guaratee is that? Listen up folks...there are a ton of complaints on here about this company.

Why deal with this nonsnese. I always use ShipAlmostAnything.com for all of my shipping needs.

It is FREE FREE FREE with open communication and no hidden fees or commissions. They are industry leaders in all types of shipments including auto transport.