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They allow brokers and freight forwader and carriers to bid on shipment, they state that their a neutral party and dispute should be resolved between shipper and service provider. I am a broker and servixed over 200 shipment among them 1-2 shipment got damaged but unfortunatky customer misrepresented the item , we got to know only at delivery and furthermore that it was not what was listes no insurance was taken either prior.

As a freight broker my responsibility is to fulffil shipment and provide best pricing and service to customer among our carrier network. Because customee complained about their damaged item because of their own fault and were threating USHIp. Uship started restricting us saying we cannot deal with one our carrier anymore and if we do they will suspend us.

And they actually did suspended , and there is no such policy eithwr on their user agreement that can limitna freight forwarder to not use one carrier over the other. We spended thoudands of dollars based on uship business model getting liscences and registration and in one shot they just kicked us out.

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Hey Broker Boy you lef tout what you are really doing which is making yourself lots of money and screwing over customers and legitimate trucking enterprises. You got what you deserve. Try building a relationship with companies by calling them or meeting with them rather than on the internet.