Albuquerque, New Mexico
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My Porsche left California detailed and in perfect condition. See the pic of it leaving in an empty enclosed trailer. It arrived 3 days later filthy, scratched and damage to the rear bumper. Oh yeah, and covered in ***. The interior was covered in dust and grease as well as the exterior where they had loaded and loaded it several times. I guess they had to make room for all the junk they picked up along the way. Furniture, refrigerator, a motorcycle side car. They look awfully proud to be so *** - See pic number 2.

Uship claims no responsibility - shippers won't provide insurance info even though they advertised $75K.


Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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i guess no one noticed its not even the same dam trailer lol look at the ramp door the grain in the wood is black in the middle in one pic and its not in the other pic


Sure does appear to be 2 different trailers.

Unless they changed the color of the trailer in the first picture from white to black in the second picture.


Nice try to get a free move ***


How is this uShip's fault? You hired the carrier.

You should have checked the carrier out before you chose to ship with them. It is called common sense and due diligence. uShip has a number of top notch carriers on the site and you probably chose the cheapest bid. Expecting champagne on a beer budget is what this reeks of.

Nobody deserves to have their items damaged, especially you. To lay blame on uShip though is completely misguided.

Name the carrier involved so that people know to stay away from them. Your beef is with the carrier only.


You get what you pay for!