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I have recently found that U Ship is charging it's drivers more than any other broker. Now U Ship will not allow customers to pay us cash upon delivery.

Drivers not have to go through U Ship pay pal to get their payments. This causes a 2-7 day wait for money to clear Pay Pal. It's our money and we need it in order to operate our business. Now they have a show on television called Shipping Wars that is showing drivers in a bad light, and driving customers away, and attracting drivers that have no business on the road.

It's showing the public a cheap and shady version of a company that used to show integrity.

It also shows drivers accepting cash, which as we can now tell isn't honest, apparently we have to be paid through Pay Pal. Why don't they show that on Shipping Wars?

Product or Service Mentioned: Uship Shipping Service.

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In real life shipping situations, the shipper should pay a 1/3 advance fee and balance upon delivery. The advance fee should go entirely to the truck or driver for expenses like fuel, food, repairs and tolls etc.

The uship fee should be upfront directly from the shipper and the driver advance directly to the driver.

Paypal is a scam just like uship and probably an arm of paypal.


i wish they would take that fake show off the air. just like all the media, showing ppl fake stuff and half truth. like obama

#444024 is just like UShip BEWARE YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


Why pay Paypal, Uship, commissions, brokers fees? Listen up folks...there are a ton of complaints on here about this company.

Why deal with this? I always use for all of my shipping needs.

It is FREE FREE FREE with open communication and no hidden fees or commissions. They are industry leaders in all types of shipments including auto transport.

Truckers save money....shippers save money!