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I use USHIP as my main source of jobs to move car. trucks and trailers around, but there is no regulation on who can bid on jobs on the site!

There are smoes bidding on jobs that dont have DOT, MC CA or insurance stealing jobs from me cause they can offer a lower price well no *** they can its because they arent paying to be legal! I wrote USHIT and they said they are just a "freight forwarder and broker" and that legality of the shipment falls on the customer to "ASK" thats *** a customer should be able search for a provider and not HAVE to worry about whether or not they are legit!

and they keep taking more and more from us a shippers 2 years ago it was about 8% off the top now its 13.9% and fuel is still going up ***!!!

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uShip claims to accept PayPal payments for booked loads but then asks for a credit card or debit card number. That in the eyes of the law is false or misleading advertising.

Anyone needing to ship something should use another broker/shipping agent and should post negative feedback anywhere they can. Don't use uShip!!!!!!


95% or more of the shippers/listers on uship are blithering *** idiots. Just today, I lost out on a shipment by an $11 lower bid.

Today is Saturday; I agreed to Sunday or Monday pickup and Monday or Tuesday delivery, and did it below my normal rates as I had a connecting haul "in my back pocket". The $11 less expensive service provider {Broker/Forwarder} offered Service Provider will pick up within 5 days of booking. Service Provider will deliver within 5 days of pickup, with 84 cancellations and twenty *** nine excessive cancellations. I hope that shipper shoves that *** $11 square up his ***, and I hope his truck falls off the transport truck.

Sumbich.....the almighty last *** dollar wins out again.

Based on this ***, why doesn't uship just erase all feedback anyway???? It's just about the lowest *** big, right????????????



Contact: if you have been scammed on uship or if you have been forced to take their illegal safepay escrow scam.

Charges are being compiled and the more people that help file, the more it will help get a class action suit against uship. If you have lost revenue in any form due to uship's poor business practices, if you have been kicked off for notifying uship of a scammer or you feel they singled you out for a personal vendetta, contact Lonnie @ Trotter and get the needed documentation to add your info to the report.



Every Service Provider that is a uShip member has agreed to the uShip User Agreement which states that they can only bid on items that they are legally able to haul. With that said, uShip does not screen any Service Providers. However, there is certain information that customers can request from the Service Providers to verify their credentials, identity and such. These include: insurance information, references, bills of lading, MC/DOT numbers (if relevant), etc.

Within the uShip community it is also important to look at feedback for the Service Provider. Feedback is directly from the customer and shows what their experience was with the Service Provider.

As a neutral venue, uShip is NOT a Transportation Service Provider (TSP), freight forwarder, or broker. uShip is a site where shipping customers and Service Providers can meet and enter into agreements. uShip is not involved in the actual transaction between shipping customers and Service Providers. As such, uShip does not pre-qualify or validate the claims of TSPs including with respect to their licensure, insurance and registration. The uShip website functions solely as a neutral venue for the connection between members. Because uShip is not involved in the actual transaction between customers and TSPs, we have no control over the accuracy of listings, the ability of Service Providers to transport items, or the ability of shipping customers to send items. uShip cannot ensure that a customer or TSP will actually complete a shipment.

All of this information can be found on our site. Please review the User Agreement (which you choose to abide by if you register an account) if you have any questions. You are also welcome to contact Member Support.


you have no control on who posts a bid low life 's with no insurance the story's go on and on. No customers service try calling them good luck, check who you chose to ship your item. I quit the fee's they charge that the shipper doesn't know about and you can't say or RED FLAG add at least 20% for there fees to run a web site who win's and the fly by night's win.


uShip collects payment upfront for loads being shipped and as such is considered a broker/agent and is required under Federal regulations to comply with all federal motor carrier/broker regulations