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DONT USE USHIP! i found an ad for free bulldog puppies, i talked to the guy thru email, and he was supposably taking the "puppy" to the "agency" to get registered and then the "agency" would contact me about shipping info.

The "agency" emailed me to a western union so i sent off $300 for my so called "puppy" named Lauren i was excited about. after sending them the mtcn# to get the money they never sent me any arrival/departure time instead they said they got the my money and they "puppy" will be delayed due to weather conditons. they wanted me to pay an additional $850 for the crate or they couldnt ship him, i was furious about it and they said they call back i an hour and never did and they never returned any emails. THEY ROBBED ME!



Monetary Loss: $300.

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I bought a great dane for 400 and she never arrived. They kept asking for money and they kept putting excuses.

The man sounds nigerian. I deposited another 1000 for a crate and shot for her.

I read these but it was to late. I don't know what to do.


Why are you people blaming uship? This has nothing to do with them.

You were scammed by somebody using their name and logo, but uship isn't responsible for that. Don't send money to a company you cant verify. Especially don't send money via western union, than says scam straight away. People use services like that who don't want to be traced.

Anybody can fake an email address. If I sent an email to people from a fake Microsoft account saying that they need to pay for another windows subscription, that wouldn't be Microsoft's fault. That would be fraud. Just like uship not being responsible for you being scammed by somebody who has no affiliation with their company.

What will writing to their investors do? That has got to be the stupidest thing I've ever heard. uShip isn't responsible for somebody sending fake emails using their logo. If a company emails you or cold calls you, ask them for a reference number.

Then hang up, call the number located in the phone book (not the fake email), and ask if it was them. If they verify the reference number you know that its real. Its not rocket science. Next time, call uship and say you want to verify if you have to send them money.

They will tell you to delete the email. They aren't responsible for your idiocy.


The guy pulling these scams real name is Syrien Anwei Sala from cameroon 1084 Airport Zone Douala 00237.... So if these details show up on your uship email its a scam i think anyone who is sent these details should contact the federal police along with 60 minutes and a current affair.. Hope this finds you all


Soo, the same thing has just happened to myself and my partner.

We were looking for a puppy for our two young children, when we came across a lady giving her two 13 week old Rottweiler puppies up for adoption.

We started emailing this lady from Darwin, Northern Territory, Austraila " Daniela Rossi " ( email address; ) whom told us she was 45years old and suffering from terminal cancer and she couldn't care for her puppies any longer. The emails contained a series of questions, that were no real relation to caring for the puppies, ect ect. We never paid for "uship" as when I received my email from them it was in my "spam" folder which made me unsure about it all. Feeling sorry for this lady, I then googled "uship austraila" and found this.

I'm now extremely angry at the fact I now need to break it to the kids we won't be getting a puppy anymore. This is all one big scam, I just hope people don't fall into their traps.

Like the saying goes, " if its too good to be true, that's because it usually is. " I now no for next time, NEVER GET A PUPPY FROM OUTTA STATE!!!


Speaking from, all of these instances are not in anyway related to our company. These experiences describe a situation where a person or people have fraudulently used uShip’s name, logo, etc. without consent.

uShip is an online shipping marketplace where those who need shipping services can list their items and receive bids from independent transporters registered on the site.

uShip is NOT involved in the actual shipment of any items, and uShip is NOT involved in the purchase or sale of any items.

We have been made aware of scams occurring on various online classified sites where the seller of an item makes false and fraudulent claims about uShip and/or impersonates a uShip representative in an attempt to trick individuals into sending them a wire transfer payment for non-existent goods.

We are extremely sorry to hear that all of you may have fallen victim to one of these scams. We strongly encourage each of you to contact the online classified site where the ad was found as well as the Internet Crime Complaint Center to report this fraud.


hah yes. it is a big scam.

i assume western unions the one getting hurt the most by it. i nearly got done.

but i called and then i got my money back. reported it to crime stoppers and western union and i hope the f*ckers that are doing it get whats comin to them.



If anyone wants to write USHIP's INVESTORS to let them know how you been scammed here is there address. They should be told by the thousands that have been scammed.

Robert Kagle

2480 Sand Hill Road Suite 200

Menlo Park California 94205

PHONE 678-595-2183


I wished I had found this site yesterday as I was scammed out of £410. A guy called shawn manderson apparently based in Thurso, Scotland had two Bichon Frise puppies for sale at £150 each plus I had to pay £55 each for delivery.

Same as all the previous comments, MoneyGram cash to Cameroon and then further demand for £885.

Nice to know that Uship have now spread their wings into Scotland!! :(


same thing happened to me. But i was able to get my money back, they were too *** to take the money out right away.

So the next time it they tried to contact me i went along with it telling them i am sending the money and gave them our state police phone number. lol never heard back from them.


The exact same thing is happening to me right now, and if i hadnt of found this website, i probably would have been *** enough to pay the $600 they were asking for pet insurance.

It all happend the exact same way, found a puppy on the internet, the lady told me she would take the puppy and get it registered, then i had to pay $350 for shipping which i paid and then i was given a time that the puppy was going to be delivered and that a delivery agent would call me just before.

No phone call, no puppy, then i get an email from the asking for $600 for pet insurance and that they couldnt deliver the puppy until i paid this amount but it would be refunded to me when the puppy was delivered. I couldnt get a contact number for Uship in Australia. What was also strange was that the puppy was supposed to be coming from Darwin yet the money had to be paid to via western union to Cameroon.

I emailed this Linda D Nelson and informed her that i was aware that this was a scam and that if she or this company tried to chase payment from me i would contact the authorities.

When a guy from Uship called me i asked him to confirm where the dog was, and he couldnt.

I will not be paying out anymore money, im only 21 and cant afford to throw around money to be screwed over!!!

Never again will i trust anything that is outside of Australia.

Let this be a warning to everyone NEVER USE USHIP!!!!



No this same thing happened to me I saw an ad for free english Bull god puppies and I began emailing with the person he also told me about an agency and everything that they told you! this is a huge scam.

luckily i did not go through with giving any money to the Uship delievery company that was going to send me my puppy which the fee was $300. I am glad that I saw other people posting blogs about their situation and this made me become skeptical of what I was about to be involved in as well. DO NOT fall for this and do not try to buy puppies if they say free.

Anyone can say what they want over e-mail make sure you have them call you and if it sounds to good to be true then do not do it. You will be in a world of hurt.


There is only one word for someone like you... ***!

i-ship is a broker like e-bay. That company had nothing to do with your issue.

Like the song says, "You are very dumb, for real!"

Then you post it here so that the whole world will know. Like I said you are ***!