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I sold a motorcycle ,,the buyer hired uship to transport it , now I've been an over the road truck driver for 35 years ,, and this kid pulls up in this filthy pick up truck with a 30 foot inclosed trailer and the whole side of the truck was missing form a reck he was involved in ,, now I this nice motorcycle ,and he poened the doors on the trailer and I got scared ,,there was several bikes already in the trailer and boxes and peoples furniture scattered everywhere ,,, so I said dont you have ramps to drive the bike up on ,,no he has old plywood ,, I have no idea how he got th other bikes in because he didnt know how to get this one in ,,so I showed him ,, also showed him he was bending the fender bracket trying to tie the bike down ,, and I was thinking if this was still my bike it would not be going with him on this thruck ,, so he has no paper work to give me for shipping ,,no inspection report ,,no icc numbers ,no d.o.t. numbers no name no nothing on the truck ,, hence ,,, no operating athority at all ,,

when he called he said the bike would be delivered in 3 days ,,when he got the bike on the trailer ,I asked hm again ,,he said 8 days or more,,,then he told me he was making so much money he was laughing all the way to the bank ...

he was some one I would never ever hire to transport anything of mine ever , and if this is any indication of who is transporting goods for uship then the federal government need to step in and shut this company down ,, these people are outlaws ,, !!!! ,,

Product or Service Mentioned: Uship Shipping Service.

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These are the types uship wants because they'll do anything for fifty cents!


LOL, sounds like the guy that out bid me yesterday on Uship. He bid the transport for my cost.

He was proud to put in his profile that he has $300,000 liability coverage. Didn't even mention coverage for his load. By law he needs at least $750,000 liability (if not hauling something with a battery in it or more than 20 gallons of fuel) and coverage for his load. I called the federal safety administration and they told me what I needed to be legal.

I went above and beyond what they told me.

This other so called transporter is paying $600 to $800 a year for insurance to show an officer if he gets pulled over and I pay $5,000 a year. Something needs to be done about Uship.


All depends if he is 10,000 pounds or less and what loads he is carrying. No dot necessary but he does need to follow safety guidlines.

Yes USHIP IS A BIG JOKE every shipment over 350 miles is useless and no shipping will do for less than double what people want. Now many are transporters between loads, I pay almost 4k a year. USHIP IS NOT AN AUCTION NOR IS IT A BINDING CONTRACT WHEN THE SO CALLED AUCTION ENDS AS THE "AUCTIONEER..USHIP GAURANTEES NO PAYMENT NOR WILL DO ANYTHING IF YOU ARE NOT PAID BUT THEY ALREADY HAVE THEIR MONEY.



USHIP.COM changes the wording again! This is done to make those posting the "truth" look like fools. It's the "dirt" that UShip doesn't want you to know!

It used to read:

This profile belongs to someone who is no longer registered member (Account suspended) site:uship.com

It now reads:

This member is currently suspended from the uShip site. Please contact Member Support if you have questions

Use the ADVANCED Google search option by copy/paste of the phrase above and a search of the domain name UShip.Com


Number 1 they didn't hire Uship, they hired an independant contactor from the site. That would be like saying that you bought something from Ebay, not on Ebay.

If indeed the contarctor was that bad, Uship has a feedback system so close to Ebays, I thought Ebay owned them for a while.

I did business through Uship for about a year and a half, you can see mine Ushipwehaul. If the contractor was as bad as stated, he shouild have had negative feedback. If your buyer still hired him to save a couple of dollars, then you get what you pay for. I provided a valuable service to my customers, with a vehicle that could deliver where larger vehicles couldn't and provided small item delivery without packing expense (blanketwrap).

My vehicke was under CDL and DOT jurisdiction (yes, by the way I'm also a prior O/O)so no I didn't run ICC #s either, but I was insured to the hilt including cargo Insurance.

Sounds like the OODIA talking to me..............if you were that concerned guess you should have called your buyer, eh? :sigh


I do believe uship reports all users to an insurance database and gets a premium when the ins company cancels their policy..like geico...


This is a real issue with the uShip site. They do not allow open communication between the person shipping the bike and the trucker they have hired.

They do not allow this because they are afraid of losing their commission.

I have seen a new site that just opened called shipalmostanything.com, it says it promotes full and open contact between the parties, and they do not charge any commissions at all. It sounds like this approach could be the answer to the problem you just wrote about.

Good Luck!