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I contracted with Marine Corps Movers through uShip to move a motorcycle from Orlando to NJ. I purchased additional insurance through the uShip site just in case.

The shipper dropped the bike and things fell on top of the bike. There was a total of $2600.00 worth of damage. Marine Corps Movers stated they had $10,000.00 worth of coverage on their uShip profile. Marine Corps Movers carried no insurance and refused to pay for damages.

The additional insurance denied the claim also, stating I would have to file a claim with my motorcycle insurance company first.

uShip doesn't require even a minimum of insurance for any of their carriers. They don't vette any info put on their web site by carriers.

Monetary Loss: $2600.

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Hi all i was reading your comments, what i dont understand is why dont you get a policy number from the carrier to verify that they are insured or check that they are legit

I am a carrier i provide all my customers with a copy of my insurance and a copy of my driver license and anything else they may need to to make they're experience flawless and easy

If you get a bid for 100 dollars to move your shipment 1000 miles then wouldnt you have a doubt a car o r motorcycle is not a ten lb fedex package. Think people

Do your homework

Its your bike or car or whatever your shipping

I have transported many cars and bike coast to coast through out the US i have had my mishaps but i always made it right from refunding my fee too fixing the bike or car at my cost or insurance claim and none of my customers waited for me to respond to the matter That said please be careful who you hire do a background check and ask questions Don't be *** its your shipment your money and your rules not uship or the carriers With that said have a nice day


The profIle on u- ship stated he carried $10,000 worth of insurance. U- s hip did not verify that info. I relied on that representation and signed a contract only to find out he carried no insurance.



Our things are missing after Marine Corps Movers moved our things, and we have many precious things from others. We have given them several months now, and nothing.

They don't respond to anything, so much of our stuff is gone and we have many important things that belong to other people, heirloom pics, financial docs etc.. please get in touch if you are missing things. Please get in touch if you have things that don't belong to you.

We will take legal action, we were wishing we wouldn't have to and really waited several months for them to respond. Nothing they say is true, and they will double the amount they say.

@er se

I had same problem with them and I'm taking legal action if you need any information about them or can share some information as well here is my email thank you


I'm taking uShip and Marine Corps Movers to small claims court since neither was willing to do the right thing. I'm suing uShip for a material misrepresentation that led to a contract with Marine Corps Movers. Since uShip didn't vet the info concerning the $10,000.00 worth of insurance that Marine Corps Movers said they carried.


Just not sure why ANYBODY would use ushit to begin with. There are countless complaints all over the web about these thieving bastards.

They have been ripping people off for 13 years!

I have made it a personal quest to sink that *** boat this year! Since I am tight with some of the big wigs at Ritchie Bros rumor has it that they are about to sever ties with ushit too.


Please contact me at 3099483048 I'll gladly help you shut these bastards down


Check us out and let us know if you are requiring shipping in the future. It is always good to ask for the carriers MC number that way you can do a number look up with FMCSA. Their insurance would have to be on file before they are granted their operating authority.

I have complained to uship about this point so much that they are asking me to drop it or they will close our account. Many people answer yes we have insurance and they are talking about their personal vehicle policy and not commercial cargo insurance.

Best Regards,



I would have gone with a just a motorcycle shipper but I also had to move one large lcd tv and 12 boxes. All the dedicated motorcycle shippers would not touch a shipment with anything other than a bike.


You should have went with harley davidson they know how to ship bikes sure it costs more but hey its your bike