Montrose, Michigan

My complaint is the same as some of the other complaints on here i just wish i would've looked on here before i made this mistake of trusting Uship and a person named Linda D. Nelson! I saw on 8 list website about a black pug puppy for sale for $260 and i talked linda down to paying half the shipping price and that was all, so it cost me $136 for Uship and Westernunion fee.

The shipping service told me they had my puppy and did all this testing to find out my puppy was in good hands and that i would receive my puppy Monday Aug. 30th at 7:00 p.m. Well they ended up emailing me again saying that i needed a acclimation certificate from the owner of the puppy (linda) before they could proceed with delivery of my puppy.

So linda told me she would send it this morning Aug. 31 at 7:15 a.m. and then i got a reply from Uship saying they got the certificate and that they were delivering my puppy and they would call me to tell me their arrival and to stay home to sign for the puppy and papers. Well then they emailed me again saying they couldnt proceed with delivery until i paid them $300 for American Aviation Commission Pet Insurance and to go to Westernunion to pay it and they would refund the money back to me once the puppy got to my home.

I'm like well i'm not sending you anymore money, I was supposed to get my puppy yesterday and you needed something and you said i would get my puppy today and then you wanted more money. I told them that i want my puppy today or i want my $136 refunded to me. They never replied to me and i dont have my puppy which was supposed to be for my two boys who just had their birthdays last week. I spent $50 on pet supplies for the puppy and $136 for nothing.

Monetary Loss: $186.

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This is another case where a consumer fell victim to a scam not at all associated with A person or group of people fraudulently used uShip’s name, logo, etc.

without consent. uShip is not an actual transportation company, but an online shipping marketplace where those who need shipping services can list their items and receive bids from independent transporters registered on the site.

Therefore uShip is NOT involved in the actual shipment, purchase or sale of any items.

We have been made aware of scams occurring on various classified sites where the seller of an item makes false claims about uShip and/or impersonates a uShip employee in an attempt to trick individuals into sending them a wire transfer payment for non-existent goods.

You are strongly encouraged to report these fraudulent individuals to the place where the ad was found, along with filing a dispute to the Internet Crime Complaint center.



I have jsut been scammed $350 by Linda D Nelson for a black pug puppy!!

Exact same story!!! This lady needs to be found and stopped!!


I too wish that I would have read this yesterday. I did not do my homework or follow my own suspesions.

I was taken for $250 to a Rose Lydia plus the hurt from my kids. This is a horrible thing to do.


I wish I read this yesterday. I am currently going through the same thing.

I sent $150 western union for a puppy that was suppose to arrive yesterday. Uship is now asking for money for pet insurance.

I told them to send the puppy back to the sender because I wasn't paying anymore money. Just waiting for a reply but from the reviews on Uship, doesn't sound like I will get one.


This is a direct quote from the site about pets. "Many of the pets posted here are spam.

Please be extra careful when dealing with pets seller here. Please transact only locally. Absolutely do NOT send money to distant strangers." So why are you 'shocked' when you see that you have been scammed? And these scammer apparently drag 'uship' and/or anyone else into the fray.

If you want to see the REAL Uship, go to the official web site Thanks

from a very satisfied uship provider and shipper.


I also fell for a scam involving a 9 week old fawn pug puppy. The lady's name was Samantha Williams. I found the puppy on the 8 List Website. She told me that I would just have to pay the $250 for the shipping to UShip and I agreed to do it because the lady sounded trustworthy and nice. So when Uship contacted me and told me to send the $250 to them using Western Union I did. Later they sent me an email saying that my dog would be here the same day(yesterday Nov.24th, 2010) at 1:45 PM. At about 12:30 they sent me another email saying that they needed another $800 for a travel insurance for my puppy. I told them that I trusted them and didn't need the insurance for my puppy and that they could just proceed with the delivery of my puppy and that I would be expecting them at 1:45. They replied back to me saying that it was a law that they needed to have this insurance and that as soon as they received the money they would continue with the delivery. I sent to them that I was still only in high school and had used pretty much all the money I had made this month and all the money I had in the bank on this dog and that I could not afford the money and would just like my dog. After that they replied back to me that they would be putting the dog in quarantine until they received the $800 from either me or the seller. I told them that I would no longer be purchasing the puppy because I did not have the additional money and that they could contact the seller and have the dog sent back to her. I also asked for my original $250 back. I have not recieved a message from them since then.

I have also took this to the police and they are working on tracking the IP Addresses to see if they can find out who actually did this.

The lady's email address was:

This is just so no one else falls for this same thing.


I'm sorry that happened to you. But you did just save me some money and a lot of stress because I almost bought a dog from this Lynda B.

Nelson Lady today but decided not to because it looked like a scam.

I did my research and found out that it is true.

Thanks for the help