Customers don't realize . Uship is acting as a broker between the shipper ( the person posting item to be moved) and the carrier( the person/company wishing to move item) uship claims they are not a brokerage, but what the shipper doesn't know uship cut is 15% .

They will recommend to the shipper rate. They also handle the money, to make sure they get there cut. This is absolutely a brokerage. There are rules and laws insurance and bonding that have to be followed. They don't .

The second problem

there are brokers booking loads on uship then they try to find carrier elsewhere to move it.this is called double brokering, also illegal. What happens is uship recommends price to the shipper, a broker books it for that. Automatically uship gets there 15% then the broker looks for carrier not in uship to move it. Then the broker keeps there cut usually 10-20%. The carrier is now moving item for not enough money

Example: agreed bid $500 for 300 mile move - uship fee $150= $350

Broker has $350 to work with , brokerage fee %15 $70=$280 to the actual carrier that ends up moving item for 300 miles . this is why the the carrier will try to get more money out of you for the load.

This is mainly on large items motorcycles, automobiles , farm and construction equipment .

I read the profile on all my competitors when bidding a load, majority of bidding party's are brokers doing what I am describing .

There are a few other problems

Happy shipping

Product or Service Mentioned: Uship Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Of course this poster doesn't want independent shippers to use uship...they undercut his high price!!..ya I'm sure he's a pro and gets the job done but charges twice as much!. There are thousands of shippers that do a great job that don't want to pay a broker half of the fee to get a load...thus this site!!.

I think u ship should have had a warning that said..if your to *** to use this site...pay double!!


uship's cut is actually 20-25% depending on how many cancellations the shipping provider has. the brokers get 1st shot at everything- they see the listing 1st and bid on everything immediately- even though they have many cancellations & negative reviews and may very well put the same loads back on uship at a "book it now" price for independents to take.

this of course is bad business and many customers will be lost but uship doesn't care because they are advertised on every listing on ebay so there will be many new customers that don't know this every day buying things on ebay. uship is an offshoot of ebay that's why they can do whatever they want.