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I have discovered that UShip, also known as http://www.uship.com is illegally operating and causing extensive harm to unsuspecting consumers. This business is technically a broker, as they connect people wishing to ship something with carriers who bid on those shipments. The laws require that a broker maintain certain authorities and licenses to operate and UShip does not maintain these. Furthermore, the majority of the "carriers" who bid on these shipments do not pocess a commercial drivers license, operating authorities or the cargo insurance that is required by law. UShip is fully aware that these "members" are illegally operating and yet they harbor this illegal activity. This makes them equally liable in the violation of both state and federal transportation laws.

On 5/23/2012, I reached out to UShip seeking clarifications on these matters. In an effort to shut me uo, they immediately suspended my member account and have cost me a great deal of money on lost shipments.

If you do some research on UShip, you will discover that a large number of consumers have been taken for a ride. These illegal carriers regularly hold freight hostage using extortion to get more money, many shipments are damaged with no insurance or recourse for the consumers and most consumers have no idea that these practices are going on until it is too late.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uship Account.

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They did the same to me! I emailed them asking them to produce documentation of their Brokers Licensing and what not because I'd heard they didn't have it and of course my account is now "suspended indefinitely".

I really don't care as I am a memeber of OOIDA and use their loadboards along with a few others. But frankly I'd like that 27% or whatever it was they take PER load back if they don't have their proper licensing.


Freightship is wayyyyy better than uSHIP.

Freightship is the same concept but they are completely legitimate and only used certified and insured carriers...

Not just anybody can haul for Freightship, only legitimte carriers


You sound very bitter, my friend. Of course USHIP is an illegal operation.

Look at the rates!lol. I've seen cross country moves go for 3 or 4 thousand dollars!!! Watch out for your merchandise at those rates.

I still prefer to contact Moving Companies directly, it will save you time and headache, trust me. USHIP IS KILLING THE MOVING INDUSTRY RATES AND SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN IMMEDIATELY!


I've got to say, I've had a change of heart. Uship is walking a fine line, unfortunately their on the wrong side of it.

I tried to work within the system, do things right. All it got me and my customer way heartache. I will not, under any circumstances, move freight posted on uship again. Anyone that does is ether crooked, or lucky they haven't had their first mishap.

Once they do, they find out their insurance won't cover it, and the customer is *** out of luck. If you need to move something, fine, call FedEx.

They've got the means to move anything from grandma's birthday present to a brand new satellite.


People stop paying Uship Fees!!! Just GOOGLE THE CARRIERS NAME All there info will pop up.

Uship is a SCAM!!

Look how many people have been RIPPED OFF or SCREWED OVER. :zzz


I was using them for a while but the fees are outrageous. A buddy of mine who is also a driver told me that a new company freight-match (dot) com is coming online and is expected to compete with these guys in a big way. I cant wait to see what they offer.

Happy Hauling,



@ Aaron, I was also a driver and they screwed me out of over $8k. They went against their own policy that stated that they do not get involved in monetary disputes and that is exactly what they did!

Suspended my account which stopped me from gaining more loads and had to find other drivers to take the loads that I already had on my truck and refund the customer their deposit. Not to mention that I was rated 21 out of over 2000 shippers and number 1 in ATV and motorcycle shipments out of every single transporter for uShip!


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I prefer to contact the trucking companies directly then negotiate for a fair price. Using brokers who post loads to boards will cost you tons more in the long run.

I ship alot of cars from auction and now I have my guys that I use, but to get these guys I just asked around, googled, and got the names and numbers of actual trucking companies. I found that they were quoting hundreds less than Uship or brokers, and then I could get even more off of an allready lower rate since I could explain I would have regular business for them if they did a good job.

I'm worth 5-10k a months in business to these guys, I'm paying about 60% less then people using uship, and they treat my cargo like it's their own baby. Obviously everyone isn't shipping regularly, but even on 1 load, you are still going to save by dealing direct.


All you have to do is GOOGLE THE TRANSPORTERS NAME 8)


The thing that people seem to be missing here is that if uship wanted to be \"legitimate\" and not afford opportunity to non-licensed transporters, than the site would require credentials to make a profile. Allowing the little guys to come in drives prices down, which is what attracts the shippers to the site.

People want cheap shipping, because in the end it probably doesn\'t matter who ships your junk, the UPS guy, the licensed owner-operator, and the guy down the street with a truck and trailer will probably all have the same chance of giving you *** service. So why pay a premium for that? Uship knows this, and they have enough revenue to get lawsuits thrown out.

The DOT doesn\'t care about someone who is making money on the side any more than someone who is getting paid by their neighbor to move their car on a trailer. Uship has brought something to the industry that it needed, a swift kick in the gahones to those who overcharge for *** service.


This is hilarious. It seems the only people who are bent out of shape about uship are the people who lose bids to those who can afford to underbid...it's all over internet forums as well as the uship blog. How is this different from someone running an illegitimate business on ebay? If someone underbids a load, runs the shipment without licensing or insurance, and gets caught, they will pay. But - GASP - there is a phenomenon here known as a MARKET: people want a service (cheap shipping) and other people are willing to provide it!!! What a concept!! Even more fascinating, the reason that the "illegal" shippers are not stamped out is because the majority of them are responsible enough to not warrant anything but credit for forcing bigger companies to lower costs!! Wow!! They should coin a term for this free market anomaly...something that has to do with demand and supply...

If your business is losing to the underbidders, than there are two options: 1) cry about it and rant on and on about how the DOT should do something (as if this practice isn't carried out on criagslist) about it, or 2) start learning to compete with the underbids.

The simple fact is this: this is how markets change. Everyone loves cheap prices until the money comes from their pockets. Everyone loves dirt cheap consumer goods because their not the poor saps who have to labor in sweat shops to manufacture the goods. Everyone loves free customer service until it is their job that gets outsourced to countries that are willing to provide cheap labor. Is something illegal being done? Perhaps. But think of it this way: the reason that shipping regulations exist is because without them, the very entities that built the shipping industry would take customers for a joy ride for the sake of proft - ie, regulation exists because of practiced irresponsibility - large scale industry will not police itself. However, what happens to the bloke who doesn't comply with regulations but has very high ethical business standards and an outstanding reputation for never cheating customers?

Everyone is whining because now they can't earn as much money as they want to. Call the wahhhhhmbulance.


cheaper isn't always better...eventually the market rates will plummet so rapidly that customers will just start moving themselves again like the early settlers did. I mean, how much lower are these rates gonna fall?

The Moving Industry is a very diverse and well-respected industry with the right people holding the reigns.



what a ***! you make it sound like its ok for the illegal carriers to get away with no insurance or dot #'s, and when they get caught pay the fine.

It's more about the danger they pose to everyday people ...I hope its your family he plows his truck into driving without restriction. When you try to recoup possibly millions in medical bills, funerals, loss of income, whatever...... only to find out there is no insurance and all your gonna get from him is $5000 in *** equipment....

look at the bigger picture dumbshit.... but hey sorry for the victims loss, just tell them its ok, its how markets change


I have also been screwed by uShip, I was the No. 1 transporter for ATV's and ranked No.

60 out of over 2,000 TSP's. Uship fails to follow their own policies set in place and always takes the word of the person who needs an item delivered. I was transporting a boat and the windshield blew out due to a bad tire on the trailer that I was told that was road worthy. At the time of delivery the customer was aware of the damage and refused to give me any proof of cost to repair and told me it was going to cost $1,000 to replace and I should take his word for it.

When asked again for the cost he contacted uShip directly and they suspended my account for the monetary dispute. In uShips policy they clearly state that they will not get involved with any type of monetary disputes between any 2 parties. Now correct me if I am wrong but that is a complete violation of their own policy.

The customer also directly threatened my life during the whole transit of his boat, I was in constant contact and even forwarded those emails to uShip the moment I received them. I would love to bring a class action law suit against them!


I think what eveyone here is missing is the simple fact that laws are in place for a good reason. If it is OK for UShip to assist illegal carriers to do business, by the same logic it is OK for a get away car driver to assist a bank robber without retribution.

We all know that the latter is truely punishble in our legal system and that is because you cannot assist someone in breaking the law. Call it a marketplace or a broker...no one cares.

The bottom line is that UShip is in violation of federal laws and a class action lawsuit is underway to end this once and for all. So, enjoy it while it last becuase it won't last for long.


Wether the public realizes it or not, uship is a step in the right direction. Trucking companies have paid dearly for access to load boards in the past.

Uship has the ability to consolidate all the load boards into one searchable database. That lets large motor carriers and small owner operaters compete on the same level. The end result will be cheaper transportation fo you. Ultamitely the choice in carrier is yours.

Fed Ex and UPS are OK, but somethings require a little more work than they can handle.

Do you homework, read the feedback, ask questions. The good guys will have answers that make sence.


Step in the right direction? An illegal broker operation?

Trucking companies have paid dearly for access to load boards in the past? Internet Truckstop $35 month, Getloaded $35 month, Central Dispatch $75 month... uShip is what 7% of the gross on every load? Do the math!

If a carrier was using uShip for just 4 loads at $1000 each per month they would be paying uShip $280 a month. As far as letting large motor carriers and small owner operators compete on the same level, think about that. Carriers figure their charges by Cost Per Mile (CPM).

A larger carrier will have a lower CPM than a smaller carrier as the larger has more assets in which to spread the cost over. Your post sounds as if you are a uShip employee.


What uShip doesn't tell everybody is that they keep the "booking fee" as commission off of all shipments that are accepted. Then they further proceed to charge the customer $20-$40 for a posting fee. Silly customers, contact providers directly!!!!


What uShip doesn't tell everybody is that they keep the "booking fee" as commission off of all shipments that are accepted. Then they further proceed to charge the customer $20-$40 for a posting fee. Silly customers, contact providers directly!!!!