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Although we've had zero success using uship to find legal transporters in the past, we recently posted a listing for a shipment from Bullhead, AZ to Bozeman, MT.

Even though we've had no past success using uship, we decided to give it another try. The same shipment was listed simultaneously on other boards we use consistently successful results.

As per uship's instructions, we requested each bidder provide their US DOT number and MC number for verification in accordance with uship's recommendation. We used the bid details Q & A to make the requests of individual TSPS. A couple TSPs already had their numbers listed in the profile section and those were quite easily verified. Many of the others simply did not respond to our request and their offers were subsequently declined.

One particular TSP, BOATHAULINGINC. did reply and provided what appeared to be a legitimate US DOT number and an active MC#. However, the numbers crossed to another company in the FMCSA database. Being unsure of the procedure and not sure we weren't doing something wrong, we requested their assistance to determine if we were doing something incorrectly. We were assured (in the bid Q & A) by BOATHAULINGINC. that we were using the verification process correctly and they were affiliated with and had permission to operate under Apache Transport LLC's authority. With the innocent intent of confirming the facts, I contacted the owner of Apache Transport LLC advising them that BOATHAULINGINC had stated they were authorized to operate under Apache Transport LLC's authority.

I was told by the owner of Apache Transport LLC that there was no affiliation between the two companies and BOATHAULINGINC. definitely was not authorized to use his company's authority to transport interstate. He advised me that he would contact uship and the appropriate authorities to ensure corrective action was taken.

I ask for and did receive copies of emails sent to uship's Matt, Mickey, and Heather. These emails informed uship of the attempts of fraudulent use of Apache Transport LLC's numbers and demanded immediate contact information so Apache Transport LLC could pursue legal action and report the offender, BOATHAULINGINC. to the appropriate authorities.

I have no futher documentation of whether uship cooperated in any effort to report to the legal authorities or not. However in subsequent emails and phone conversations with the owner of Apache Transport LLC, I was told that uship had responded by saying they would only provide that information to law enforcement authorities making the request. To me that seems quite assinine since that makes uship an obstacle by not providing the information. How can a company report illegal use when uship denies their access to the alledged offender's identity and contact information? So rather than be constructive and assisting in the investigation of these reported offenses of illegal use of another company's authority, uship becomes an impediment.

Today I checked the profile of BOATHAULINGINC. and it is still displayed as an active TSP. I'm certainly no legal expert, but it would seem to me that at a minimum uship would suspend BOATHAULINGINC. and prohibit them from participation until an investigation was completed. The documentation is obviously there and uship is in receipt of the complaint from Apache Transport LLC and has access to verify the legitimacy of that company.

This will certainly be our last attempt to use uship services and uship may feel free to remove our account completely. We choose not to do business with a company so obviously void of ethics and apparently more inclined to be an obstruction to justice than one of honor. We also prefer not to be insulted by BOATHAULINGINC.'s false accusations of dishonesty on our part when it is obvious and documented that they are a fradulent company operating illegally. Uship still allowed this to happen and has taken no apparent action. It would appear that uship condones this kind of conduct since they have demonstrated no visible effort to intervene or investigate BOATHAULINGINC. nor assist an honest and honorable company's (Apache Transport LLC) effort to clear their name and publisize the fact that they have no affiliation with BOATHAULINGINC.

Below are the details of the bid Q & A including BOATHAULINGINC.'s final insult and denial. They were caught, it was documented in BOATHAULINGINC.'s own responses and the legitimate company's complaint, still uship takes no action to preclude it from being repeated by the same TSP.

Shipment Title: 26' Pro-Line Boat on new Ezze load trailer

Service Provider: boathaulinginc (0)

Timeframe: Service Provider is flexible on pickup dates.

Service Provider is flexible on delivery dates.

Can do within your timeframe, no problem!

Mode: Trucking

Service Type: Other

Tow on your trailer behind our power unit!

Vehicle Type: Other

Additional Info: Above payment terms are acceptable. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Please review our profile, you will see that we have 17+ years in the industry. (New to uShip, not the industry!) Can provide references upon bid acceptance. I know we are not the lowest bid you have, however, we are well worth the cost difference.

Questions for this bid:Click below to report a uShip Rules violation

Date Asked Shipper Question Answer

9/7/2008 Jroy96 (0) Thank you again for your interest and offer of service. The lowest bid is not necessarily the determining factor in this selection. I do appreciate your experience in the industry and we will consider your offer and terms. We require valid motor carrier authority is for our insurance purposes. Please reply with your assigned motor carrier authority number (MC#) for further consideration for selection. Thank you for your interest in our bid. Our numbers are DOT#1256358/MC#492537. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

9/7/2008 Jroy96 (0) Thank you for the response and for providing your DOT & MC numbers. We'll be making the selection within the next couple of days. Based on your expereience stated, your offer will receive serious consideration. We appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you and form a working relationship. Thank you

9/7/2008 Jroy96 (0) Perhaps I'm doing something wrong and you can help me get it right. When I use the uShip procedures to verify your DOT and MC numbers, it comes up as Apache Transport LLC, not Hauling Boats inc. Is that your company too or do you just have permission from Apache to use their numbers for interstate transport? Any help or information you can provide will be appreciated. You are not doing anything wrong. We are an associate of Apache Transport and run under their authority. Thank you very much.

9/8/2008 Jroy96 (0) Thank you again. I talked, by phone, with the owner of Apache Transport LLC last evening. He stated that he had no knowledge of your company and you were not authorized to submit or use the motor transport authority (DOT#1256358/MC#492537) you submitted representing them as yours. He emphatically stated there is no affiliation between Apache Transport LLC and any company DBA 'Boat Hauling inc. He also advised that he would be reporting the fraudulent use to state and federal authorities today. He further stated he would be contacting uShip to report the incident and he will be filing complaints of internet fraud to federal government's Internet Fraud Complaint Centers, i.e. IFCC, IC3 and FTC, in addition to seeking supoenas for your personal contact information from to further both criminal investigation and civil actions. I will call Doc and get this straightened out. Thank you!

9/8/2008 Jroy96 (0) Thank you Sir, As I stated, I will call Doc and get this straightened out with him. I know him well and I know that he did not and would not say everything that you are claiming. I would also like to say that I am withdrawing my bid for your transport due to the fact that you have 1) violated uShip rules by contacting outside of uShip and 2) I refuse to deal with dishonest people that and if you are going to violate uShip rules and then lie about what was said then you are obviously a dishonest person. Have a good day!

Owner op

anytown, Connecticut


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Illegal trucking? I'm not required by law to have a dot number or any of that To do what I do I'm required by law to have a current cdl and insurance to cover the shipment And a truck that can pass inspection How is that illegal when I'm doing what the law requires


I hate Uship...they are putting everyone out of business.


USHIP.COM changes the wording again! This is done to make those posting the "truth" look like fools. It's the "dirt" that UShip doesn't want you to know!

It used to read:

This profile belongs to someone who is no longer registered member (Account suspended)

It now reads:

This member is currently suspended from the uShip site. Please contact Member Support if you have questions

Use the ADVANCED Google search option by copy/paste of the phrase above and a search of the domain name UShip.Com


You say you use oter shippers, are they like a uship deal or regular trucke companies? I'd like another form of finding affordable /faster shipping.


Information you won't find any other way!

For a good sampling of what you may experience when using one of the 1000’s of illegally operating Carriers on Uship, just GOOGLE the entire phrase below. Click on the results and read through the feedback of the 100’s if not 1000’s of incidents of stolen money, property, property damages, extortion and abandoned property.

These profiles were suspended, but the damage was already done. The suspensions are done to keep this information from damaging the site‘s reputation and not let the truth trump the propaganda that the site publishes all over the net.


This profile belongs to someone who is no longer registered member (Account suspended)


Well, people, I will tell you this. I am working from Uship sometimes, and I am so legal that its hard to compete with some" Joe with Pick up" rates.

They take what ever it takes to move it. We not talking about all the taxes and fee that you need to pay to stay legal. Soooo... its in interest of Uship to cover all illegal "carriers" to have a business, and believe me, they doing WELL, 10-15% from each transaction commissions.

So basicaly they just Brokers, well, sort of... :) So, ppl dont be surprised, lots of ppl will be screwed up and more illegals to come, dont know what Feds are doing about it. HELLOOOOO FMCSA!!! Sucks thou...

But, its tuff to be a legal... maybe I am will stop paying for Gov and will go underground to work for Uship...?!

Any one...? :p


hey, blondebomb. You are a dweeb.

You are a dweeb that has nothing to do with the transportation industry. You are a dweeb that has nothing to do with the transportation industry and that types on the keyboard and that moans and groans.


I see Uship suspended their account. Who finally shipped your boat?


This goes out to ABE, I do understand what you are saying. You want us to believe that because some people cant afford to pay the insurance to become a legal trucking company we should turn our heads away dont you?

Its so easy to fix this problem, either CHARGE MORE for your service so you or they can afford to pay like a DOT COMPLIANT TRUCKING COMPANY HAS to or just DONT DO IT. Go find another job that wont cost you so much, or lets just let EVERY TRUCKING COMPANY in the US do the same. Heck you say its OK so what if say FED-EX says we cant afford insurance anymore but we are going to keep our trucks on the road, who are you to say they cant afford the insurance? The insurance you are taking about for a HOTSHOT TRUCKING BUSINESS is about $6000.00 a year, so you would want to risk everyones lives that you come into contact with which is thousands because you are driving down the road with hundreds of cars around you at any given time and anything can happen.

So you would risk this, I just hope you or a family member is NEVER HURT OR KILLED by one of your BUSINESS PARTNERS WITH NO INSURANCE or they fall asleep behind the wheel because they drive more than the allowed time by the fmcsa. You sir are not a very well educated person if you think the risk is worth it.

Tell your family what could happen if something happens and let them know how they can loose the roof over there head. You sir are a sad person.


Being Wise, you imbecile. how do you justify being wise with those hilarious remarks.

"blondbomb ,i'm happy to see you are wise to the no good hanky panky going on uships site,maybe enough people will finally catch on to the many switch and bait tactics going on at that illegal site and start a class action suit to rid the public of their bottom feeding kind!"

Just dont go to uShit to have things moved.

You and blombbomb (Yas, thas wis missplelled un porpose) have quit the time on your puny hands to delve into the goings on of these "bottom feeding kind"! Just think about it, from my point of view you and your not so bright blombbomb (agian un porpose) are at the bottom of these riff raff that you shouldn't try and do business with because they will smash up furniture and drop vases and track mud in your little box ya'll call home and cash in on your families worthless heirlooms.


Thats right. You all.

You all are *** Just don't place bids with service providers that do not provide their numbers.. Bunch of schmucks. They should regulate weigh stations for anything weighing more than a minibike, so all you rat bags that have nothing better to do than to try and corner someone with no DOT numbers can be bull whipped into picking up road trash and road kill for 2 years continuously for simply not having enough sense to wear on your spectacles whilst behind the wheel. All the blood sweat and tears of our forefathers just so you people can sit in here and bellyache.

What a waste of achievement and ingenuity. I say scrap you all and start all over again.


Let the truth be known, damage control? is a whiny little rat bag that has to try and tattle on the true hard workers of civilization.

He gets his kicks by crying to the authorities. damage control, and blondebomb, and all you other whiners, I wish all you little geeks would go fall off the planet.


It is pencil-necks like yourself that are trying to put truckers out of business. How do you think you get all of your........ummm, pencils, and erasers, and white collar shirts and geeky things like that?

Of course a geek like you has nothing better to do but to have someone investigated for but their hard work. Peon.


Dear Let the truth be told,it's a funny thing when someone may put someone down for poor spelling when that's the only ammo that they have.for your info any commercial vehicle over 10,000 lbs is BY LAW is required to stop at All weigh stations regardless if they are for hire or a private not for hire carrier.we have contacted the fmcsa in regards to this illegal practice and were assured that they were going investigate the situation.


Dear sad but true.

By the looks of your grammer I think I would much rather hire someone that is going to do the job right.

So what if they blow by the scales, if they are under 26,001 lbs. why should they try and comply when they are going to get hassled for this or hassled for that? There are people out there trying to make a living.

Just because you are DOT compliant and just because you stop by the scales, you think your workmanship is superior? By the looks of your writing, someone might think you are but a snotty nosed pimply faced punk.


it's sad when illegal carriers can't make a living,give me a break! their the same ones that blow by the scales not running log books and putting the public at risk.the same ones that don't submit to annual drug testing and drive till they fall asleep behind the wheel and kill someone in the process.they are also the ones that if they do get pulled over and don't have proof of ownership of the item's such as cars and boats the load is impounded and you never hear from them again and without a bill of lading and a process agent you have next to nill of ever getting it back,o and by the way i am a motor carrier compliant transporter who doe's it legally and has from the start.if you can't do the job the right way don't do it at all!when someone doe's something for you illegallyall they are doing you a dis service


I kind of understand what Able is trying to say, to a certain extent. When I first started out in the business 40 years ago it wasn't so strict.

But I know alot of people are put out of business when trying to start one because the insurance companies will charge a one person outfit the same as they would a huge transport company. You have to place your own judgement on who to trust, but there are surely people out there without the proper DOT numbers simply because they are just starting out. I am not saying it is right, but one thing is for sure. A majority of the companies with all the numbers in place may treat your vehicle like another number, where an "ilegitimate" carrier who is trying to make a name for himself would treat your vehicle like it was their own.

So, yes, pencil pusher. Get a life.


What you people don't seem to understand is that some people are trying to make a living, and can't simply afford the insurance involved with obtaining DOT #'s. Some of these service providers would offer you a better service than one's with a legitimate DOT#.

Get a life. Stop trying to mess with people trying to do you a service.


blondbomb ,i'm happy to see you are wise to the no good hanky panky going on uships site,maybe enough people will finally catch on to the many switch and bait tactics going on at that illegal site and start a class action suit to rid the public of their bottom feeding kind!