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When i went to deliver a shipment to leon Holness in toronto he did not have the funds. Leon Holness knew the law.

If his items are unloaded out of the truck he does not have pay. Just tell police im sorry dont have the money. It becomes civil. Uship will not do anything to help.

Jesse the head of uship in texas is a coward hiding behind Joe his flunky assist descisions. 2 isiots in the same bed. So i called police. I refused to unload.

They quickly agreed and took the criminal scammer Leon Holness to the bank. Made him withdraw the money. Held it until i unloaded and then paid me. Then Leon was so angry he called uship and had my account shut down with lies.

I have over 340 excellent reviews but i lieing *** bag criminal Leon Holness was able to have me suspended. Now i will do what i can to ay them back. Uship allows trucks and drivers in canada haul your freight with no insurance or legal authorities to operate in canada. They will no do anything to assist you if there is any theft damage or injury.

They take a huge just under 25% to do nothing. When you want a refund they try to give you a credit and will try very hard not to put back on credit card. Now i believe they will keep a whoping %10.

They are the worst example of an American company. Stay well crear of these *** bags.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Wow is uship that bad. I prime example of a company with no feelings or heart.

Rip of who they can and offer nothing. In my opinon Jesse the head guy in texas should be put behind bars. Take as much as they can and offering nothing in return.

How can they mislead so many desperate good honest people to work for the lowest form of business in america. What a joke.