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I just want you to know that yes even though uship acts like a broker they are not! They have been Investigated by the USDOT and have been found NOT to be in any way Illegal.

Uship is not considered a Broker because they do not place the listings,they do not communicate between the shipper and the service provider. They provide the means but do not actually broker the loads.

Uship leaves it up to the shipper to check out the service provider to see if he/she is registered with the USDOT. That way they are not liable for who you hire. Brokers have to make sure you are legal. Uship uses a USHIP user agreement and when you agree to the terms, you are basically releasing them from any liability.

The USDOT has investigated USHIP and they have covered all their bases. So I suggest if you use USHIP, make sure you hire a USDOT registered carrier. Nobody is forcing anybody to use this site.

Hiring a Illegal carrier you have no way for compensation in the event of damage or theft.

Hiring a USDOT registered carrier you have all kinds of compensation and the ability to file charges against the carrier and to get compensated for your loss. The USDOT is very strict when it comes to this. they will pull the authority of the carrier and they will no longer be able to do business legally and if they do and get caught there are huge fines to pay.

The problem on Uship is shippers are looking for the Cheapest price to get something moved and when they hire a Provider who is not USDOT registered and get damaged freight and property stolen, their the ones who come back and write bad things about Uship and the ones they should be blaming is themselves for trying to save a buck and hiring just anybody.

Uship and EBAY are sites built the same way. they provide a means for selling and for shipping. Ebay is a Auction service but I dont hear anybody calling them a Auctioneer and wanting to see their Auctioneers liscence. Uship provides a means of getting items shipped, yet everyone calls them brokers, they are not brokers. Actually, the shippers are the brokers. they are the ones who post the listings, hire the carriers, provide the phone numbers,and pay the fee's.Do the shippers have brokers liscenses??? Good day!

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Uship is not considered a Broker because they do not place the listings,they do not communicate between the shipper and the service provider. They provide the means but do not actually broker the loads.

Bull *** uship in Manny times have called me in behalf of the customer and have canceled my jobs also uship is a BROKER but with NO LIC.


any one making money from shipping is a broker under the law and uship is making 17% of your money


If you register an account with, then you choose to abide by the terms and conditions laid out in the User Agreement. Our policies and role in the shipment are clearly stated.

We are a neutral venue and NOT a broker, freight forwarder, or transportation company. uShip does NOT endorse, employ, or select carriers for a customer's shipment. The shipping customer lists their shipment and selects the Service Provider that meets their needs. We ask that customers use our Safe Shipping Guide that offers tips on how to verify credentials and ask the right questions to Service Providers.

By doing their due diligence, they can be more informed to make better decisions.

Regarding feedback and communication manipulation, our policies are also stated within the User Agreement. Content that violates those policies are subject to be removed. Reminders are also posted throughout areas you could write a response, letting you know what is unacceptable. A Service Provider should highlight the services they can offer and not target other bidders and what they may or may not have.

Attempting to scare a customer by making claims, whether true or false, is not appropriate behavior. You are welcome to review our User Agreement, FAQs or contact Member Support with any questions.


Uship is guilty of conspiracy to commit fraud with aid and abet criminal activity on thier site.

To assist another in the commission of a crime by words or conduct.

The person who aids and abets participates in the commission of a crime by performing some Overt Act or by giving advice or encouragement. He or she must share the criminal intent of the person who actually commits the crime, but it is not necessary for the aider and abettor to be physically present at the scene of the crime.

An aider and abettor is a party to a crime and may be criminally liable as a principal, an Accessory before the fact, or an accessory after the fact.


Uship is garbage. period.

They might not have violated any USDOT/fmsca laws.......but they left one out..NOT by either of these.

I have been over/under and through there rules/regulations..They missed one... hehehe


I do not work within uShip nor have I ever. However I was a member and I started this post..I left the compliment!

however here in the past Uship has done a lot of things and I must say that UShip that claims to be a neutral venue is no longer neutral... When they remove legal advice and post in the forums requesting carriers to produce some credentials to show proof of compliancy UShip removes the post and flags the LEGAL carrier...they hide behind their user agreement. If you have a loss or something gets stolen they wont help you..they tell you to cantact law enforcement!

I advise all shippers to stay away from uship because the legal carriers are starting and have been leaving and the majority of the service providers left are Illegal....

they will all leave eventually.... USHIP needs to have a class action lawsuit brought against it...and one is being formed and information is being gathered and a case is being made against uship....Uship is doing this for us and they don't even know it!


They are just another one of those scams running under the cloud of desception.Funny how they delete any and all complaints that anyone who has used their service! I had a problem with them but my feedback was deleted and they would not call me after many e-mails sent to them.won't use them again


Does anyone have the number to uship


Unfortuneately, the poster is correct. Uship is not acting like a broker.

The fact that they do not contract the transporter and they do not list the load is a great loophole.

No amount of whinning will change that. Matt, Seth and the other guy that started Uship payed attention getting their MBAs at UT.


Its funny how USHIP has to come here to try to do DAMAGE CONTROL, if you go to the uship web site you will NEVER SEE ANY POST's from shippers how there stuff was DAMAGED or STOLEN because USHIP DELETES THE POSTS ASAP. When asked why they wont tell you.

They now will throw you off the site if you tell a shipper that the deposit that they pay after a bid is won DOESNT go to the CARRIER. IT GOES TO USHIP AND WITHIN THE LAST FEW WEEKS they now have ADDED a NEW FEE. Its called "A USHIP SERVICE FEE" Face it USHIP you are scammers getting rich off of people that dont understand the MOTOR CARRIER LAWS and if a carrier tries to help a shipper and tell them about these laws you throw them off your web site. ALSO WHY does it say when you ask someone a question that you will be FLAGGED and your account suspended for offering legal advise about motor carrier laws?

Tell me USHIP you just want peoples money and dont care about anything else or you would help EDUCATE THE SHIPPER.

How do you people sleep nights? The end is closer than you think, this group will have you upholding the FMCSA LAWS before to long, you will see.


anyone can get a dot # with a simple phone call but that does not give motor carrier authority to transport goods ,property,livestock or food products.many of the transportation service providers on the uship site are illegal and the federal motor carriers division is stepping up enforcement and are impounding loads of these illegal haulers. don't be caught on the bad end by using one of these carriers.


It's fun to think that u ship is not a broker,they are contacted via e mail by a consumer wishing to have a item moved.uship then lists a load and then uship recieves a match fee of 10% .sounds like a commission or compensation to to say they that uship doesn't fall under being a load broker is hard to believe.If you put lipstick on a pig you still have a pig and in this case something smells funny! O and by the way we were not talking about E Bay,but talking about U Ship possibly breaking transportation laws and putting other drivers at risk on our nations highways,thats why brokers are required to investigate carriers that they do business with.