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Uship as someone who runs a drive away business, by you guys getting rid of the drive away option on the site this past year, you have made my life miserable in using your site. It's miserable filtering vehicles that are able to be driven from ones that can't. I have to constantly ask customers if their vehicle can be driven and wait for an answer that sometimes never comes.

Removing the drive away option has made several things on the site harder now. I used to spend maybe 30 minutes a day at most looking for shipments, now I easily spend well over an hour not to mention all the unnecessary questions to customers asking if their car can be driven. I can't run a business like that. I spend almost as much time trying to navigate the site as I do driving anymore

You were supposed to be improving things, but removing the drive away was a HUGE step back in my opinion. I've stopped using your site by 50% this last year as a result. Wish you'd reconsider. It sure made my life easier before.

A former customer and carrier.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uship Website.

Reason of review: Loss of drive away service option.

Uship Pros: Having a drive away option.

Uship Cons: When uship removed the drive away option.

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