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DO NOT use uship. They let anyone at all bid on shipments.

They do not make sure these are legal haulers. Any Tom, ***, Harry, or criminal can bid on your load. My boat has been picked up 3 weeks ago by a fake hauler who used a bogus dot #. I'm sure my boat is in Mexico by now.

And guess what, my insurance won't cover it. So I'm out freaking $40,000. Can anyone help me find out info on suing Uship? They should be made liable for allowing criminals to bid on loads on their site, especially since they keep fees.

And I just found out that is considered a freight broker and they aren't even licensed for that. Someone needs to protect the countless customers on their accepting bids like my poor *** did.

Please some one help.

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Yes don't use u ship all they do is take the transporters money and treat them like ***. I was a power carrier which is a higher rated carrier for them and if someone cancels a shipment they put it against you, your fault or not.

see the thing is once you have received to many cancelations your power carrier status is taken away, when your a power carrier they don't take as much of the fees from you. so they find any ways to take you out of that status so you have to pay the higher fees. also they are supposed to pay you a fee at the beginning of every month for the use of how much money you have put through a card called payoneer , they don't you have to bug them until they finely give in and pay you. once they did all of the sudden I had all kinds of cancelations at once then at the same time I had three of the worst people you could ever deal with give me so much grief I canceled there loads myself .just a little too coincidental for me.

and every month since the have a new excuse for not reinstating my status. I'm legal and do a good job of taking care of the goods I haul if you want good service you can call me direct with out going through them and paying there extra fees 4403394980




I was ready to accept a bid via USHIP but the driver had questions so I tried emailing through the USHIP site. The email wouldn't go through so I called the USHIP customer service number and kept getting a recording that they'd get back with me.

FIVE days later someone DID call back but only after I posted a nastygram on their FACEBOOK page!

I wouldn't even try to use their service again - too bad because I thought the concept of their business was good, to help drivers who needed loads. I'll probably end up renting a small truck and driving myself.


Don't blame U-Ship, blame yourself. Anyone with common sense knows to check out a companies profile outside of U-Ship before you do business with them.

I feel U-Ship is creating jobs for legitimate vendors. You have good and bad in any venture. U-Ship also helps the customer acquire fair prices through this forum.

If you do your research, I feel U-Ship is an excellent resource.


Some dodgy company in Loveland Colorado with five different names picked up my car, never delivered it and then extorted 1000.00 in cash from me to take it off their lot. Told me if I didn't give them the money that day, they'd resell it or scrap it.

The company I was dealing with was Loveland Automotive investments & Loveland Auto Transport but they were holding it at some company called Fair Deal. They've got like ten addresses. It's a *** scam.

Or yeah, did I mention they took the ship fee too. Lol.


Do you know of any companies like uship? I like the concept but not the company. thought of starting my own better website and treat consumers they way it is meant to be.


Information you won't find any other way!

For a good sampling of what you may experience when using one of the 1000’s of illegally operating Carriers on Uship, just GOOGLE the entire phrase below. Click on the results and read through the feedback of the 100’s if not 1000’s of incidents of stolen money, property, property damages, extortion and abandoned property.

These profiles were suspended, but the damage was already done. The suspensions are done to keep this information from damaging the site‘s reputation and not let the truth trump the propaganda that the site publishes all over the net.


This profile belongs to someone who is no longer registered member (Account suspended) site:uship.com


Hey, those that accept a run have to check the driver out. Thats the bottom line.

When the guy pulls up in a beat up rig and his trailer looks like h***, cancel the load if you if you get that little feeling inside. Just because they have a mcc or dot # doesnt mean jack.

Ask for references and call them right on the spot. :cry


Hey, i heard that the police took 7 jetskis from James Helmes' house today and that his wife and her Dad told the cops that he was'nt home and that he was'nt allowed to be there either. Wonder if that was really the case or if they were just covering for him.

I also wonder if there is a warrant out for him after finding 7 stolen jetskis at the home?! :eek


hey #9 "another one scammed on uship" was his name JAMES OR JOHN HELMES? hope it was one of them they are slimeballs.


Did this mand steal your boat? If so contact me ninajones212@yahoo.com James Helmes is stealing cars,boats,ATVs, hunting vehicles and jetskis and money from anyone they do business with on uship.


Dear Jfipps,Did you ever have any luck locating your boat and if not we could place on our stolen boat hot sheet to help you find it if you have placed a stolen police report,www.yachtsalvage.com


Yeah I think the DOT needs to be called in on these people. I started getting loads off of uship a couple of months ago just because I liked the cash in hand that went with it and did not have to wait a month from a broker to get my money.

They set up the rules when you sign up with dot and mc #s they need to make sure that all carriers are up to date and legal. I look for the illegals all the tome and sqweal them out everytime they make a bid.

So I really don\'t know what you cry baby shippers are crying about if you want to be cheap well then cheap is what you get. Sometimes it pays to pay a little extra for good service.


Hello, I am a TSP on u-Ship.com, I serve more or less as a Consultant to new truckers, as as long as I have been registered there, I have only bid on maybe 5 items, and have 1 completed run, 1~ I canceled due to customer misrepresentation, and 2~ I could not service due to time constraints, and scheduling issues.

I am here to tell ya, you need to verify any and all TSP's your going to use, uship does NOT do this, they are an open market place, there for susceptible to *** artists, and fly-by-niter's! There last known MAIN OFFICE NUMBER is: 515-535-5230, Good luck... Also, it would be beneficial to use the member forum on uShip.com, there you can locate the tools you need to research the tsp your planning on using.



I'm sorry to here of your misforture of getting your vessel transported by the use of a uship service provider that was not a legal transporter.it's sad but true that there is only a handful of legal and trustworthy haulers on their site and the in fact that uship opperates as brokers without a mc# brokers license.It is always best to go straight to a transportation company and not though a broker who really just takes your money for fowarding a phone call and in fact their are a lot of so called "brokers" who don't have the mc# broker authority,BEWARE of just a D.O.T.# and not the additional MC#,anyone can get a dot# with a simple phone call,if you ever need to locate a quality carrier their are many listed on a site called boathelpers.com and it doesn't cost you a dime in commisions .and the fact that you do pay a commision to uship but many think they are getting a deal when in fact it's just the other case in the long run as in yours,good luck on finding your boat


see were being cheap got you lmao


UTI is uship front for them looking good, they never have any bad feed backs, wonder why, look at uti comments on this site a about uship

Any one can give a fake name, address and e-mail address and haul and bid on uship. Uship says it is the shipper reposnablility to check them out.

The low bids by them cloud the shipper's thinking. If you ship an item interstate with an illegal carrier the fed's won't help you, this is like giving your neighbor the key to your car and does not bring it back for six months, nothing you can do, you gave him the key.

Uship will not help you or even answere your emails, they got their money when you accepted the bid. Uship is just a bad site for every one except the illegal haulers who come and go because they go broke by there low bid's.


So tell us did you ever meet the guy that took your boat and if so WHO WAS HE? I would love to see an Illegal get there *** KICKED by someone or go to jail. Please tell us


go to: www.shippingguru.org/forum. There are many there who are posting aobut the ship scam.

Maybe that will help.

Good luck, all I did was beat the snot out of the illegal. I created another shipment with another name, asked that shitheel to bid on it, accepted his bid, then stomped in his head