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Thay are scam artists if u want to waste time and money call Uship they do not respond to you only in the beginning when they want your money they will respond to you once theyve gotten your money they will not pull through with their side of the deal they will talk to you like invosoles and run you around unnecessary corners i doubt that they have a liscence and they should not be in bussiness. for they are unprofessional and thieves. i myself will report them to the better bussiness burue and i think more of you, the pissed off consumers, should do the same.

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Wether or not you can spell, the point of Uship being a rip off is true. There is this new site that just launched called TheShippingDock.com they verify the transportation providers that sign up on their site, but still urge the shipper to verify on their own that carriers bidding on their stuff are certified and insured.


Information you won't find any other way!

For a good sampling of what you may experience when using one of the 1000’s of illegally operating Carriers on Uship, just GOOGLE the entire phrase below. Click on the results and read through the feedback of the 100’s if not 1000’s of incidents of stolen money, property, property damages, extortion and abandoned property.

These profiles were suspended, but the damage was already done. The suspensions are done to keep this information from damaging the site‘s reputation and not let the truth trump the propaganda that the site publishes all over the net.


This profile belongs to someone who is no longer registered member (Account suspended) site:uship.com


I agree with Vince.


I agree with Vince.


Just Google UShip Scams for all of the ripoff articles posted all over the net.


Its funny when you go to USHIP you cant find any negative feedback about the company themselves. Also, if you have a bad PROVIDER, and something goes wrong, you are on your OWN. BEWARE of USHIP.


Learn to spell you blithering ***. I'm glad when retards get ripped off.