Murfreesboro, Tennessee

I recently purchased this adorable little fluffball of a puppy. I paid th rehoming fee to the seller and was told it would ship the next morning.

I was notified that the money had been received and asked the seller for shipping info.

I was told uship would be contacting me. I then got the email telling me that the dog had to have shipping insurance prior to being shipped. I emailed the seller and was told that they had not been notified of such a thing when they dropped the puppy off that morning.

I do not have the 100% refundable shipping fee nor do I believe I would have ever seen my money again. It appears the seller did not know about this but believe if I think they did, I will come back and implicate them in this scam.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Actually you got scammed by an individual... Uship did not scam you...

someone just used their name. Do your research fool.


I just had the same experience dogs were given to us for free we just had to pay for the travel fee from uship and it was 410 okay that's fine then the next morning which literally today they say we have to pay 880 dollars in insurance to complete the process and now we don't trust it so we lost money and puppies


We h@d the same thing happen lost 170.00 than they wanted 860. Finally I said enough I know at this point there is no dog.. dog owner is part of sc@m