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Uships' rules and regulations are so complicated and has so many loopholes in it that no one is safe from a suspension of providing a service to a customer! A difference between a letter "I" and a letter "U" is commonly decided in routine daily opinions as good or "red flagged"'re suspended...get lost for thirty days or pay a price for reinstatement!!

That is as blunt as I can tell it to you! They clearly at ones opinion can tell you (and their always right) what you did wrong to warrant a red flag or suspension to your account. I have never heard them openly confess to a mistake of their own and probaly never will either. When you contest a so called violation, they do not want to hear it! Seriously, they're right all the time even when you show them proof that they decided in another direction for the same issue a week beforehand! I guess it really depends on who "got laid" the night before and was it good or was it bad!

Uship has had their share of troubles and some folk have lost a lot of monies, items and broken promises by thieves who pose as a nice guy but knowing that Uship will not get involved because they claim they're not...many customers lose alot! But, on the other hand, alot of folks were truly blessed in many ways with some really good hardworking, honest and reliable providers who did their best and I do applaud you men and women tremendously! Uship doesn't care though...they got there monies and that is all they want! Money! Money! Money! Give it to me! We don't care if you're legal, illegal, a crook, a felon, a priest or GOD...we're always right, we're never at fault and we will continue to do it "our way!" Sound familair?

Ok! My name is Chris Stumler and I reside in Swansea, Massachusetts! I want people to know what is really going on inside Uship's walls and I will do my darnest to get local, state and national official to investigate this company and will assist completely in dismantling this outfit for the sake of every hard good working man or woman who have done business with this evil empire who persistantly says their not responsible for any losses and that they're not liable at all! I say "RED FLAG!" Your're BUSTED! You're done and your permenantly suspended! That's my goal whether it's alone or with many to help. Thanks, and let's get this started!


Chris Stumler

All they want is your money when you win a bid...that's it! they don't care if a service provider is legal or not, they don't want you to inform a customer to be that a potential provider is not legal guess it...RED FLAGGED!! So in other words and I discussed this with an *** named Jami who happens to make her living as an associate in the rules and regulations department...Uship condones this behavior, actually supports this but claims they're not a 3rd party involved! *** You are involved when you knowingly allow illegal activities to promote on your site without correcting.

I pressed for a complete cleanup to this department and do you want to know what answer I got from the "***" (Jami)? If you, meaning myself who is writing this column persists to create problems for asking questions..."I'm gonna suspend you!" Are you kidding me? When is it a crime to ask questions here in America?

Folks! Take note! My screen name is "bluecast4yourshipment" and I have 100% favorable/positive feedbacks while doing my job honestly. Go there yourself and review them yourself if you can get by this latest suspension dated 2 September 2010. They suspended me for advising a customer on what the average price of fuel would be from New Jersey to Alaska! Isn't that insane??? I think that this company has engulfed some cow pattied greens as I believe most of them to be full of *** on their decision making skills. The capital of Austin, Texas should be very embarrassed by this organization and what they get away with on treating people and supporting illegal activities on their network.

Tomorrow, a new day protesting Uship and "blowing the whistle" to the State Attorney's office as I have proof from every angle that this goes on and that they are aware and condone such practise.

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Hi I’m based uk I too have been suspended indefinitely fo advising on what makes a shipment legal over here across the pond




I feel that Uship (or any other site that hooks up shippers with transporters) should not be able to connect illegal transporters to the unknowing public. All transporters EIN #, DOT #, MC #, and insurance should be varified and monitored before they can have a profile to bid.

Uship will not let legal transporters advise shippers of what makes a legal transporter legal.

They want the illegal transporters on the site because that brings shipping costs on their site down. Therefore more money to Uship.