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Look into Terms and conditions agreement policy bi laws section of uship DOWN LOAD read very carefully USHIP OFFERS MEMBERS A guaranty payment of upto $2500.00 LOSS of itemslisting DOJ MAYBE WILLING TO HELP you twist there arm a little or TEXAS ATTORNEY Gen. Also check with US CONSUMER FRUD DEPT notice the Uship company recived 2 VERY LARGE instalment's of THIRD PARTY VENTURE CAPITAL company's......

There is an unknow unethical connection to Matt Chasen former collage and possible funding company's Venture capital...... that allowed them too received $10,00,000.00 -$25,000,000.00 in two rounds of funding.......

They then started the IP or accusing service provider's of wrongful acts or violation of there LAWS ......POLICY..... TERMS......user agreement ???? Making unwarranted unfounded comments of possible theft or legal violation that may have or could or have possibly been done by a UN-WANTED SERVICE PROVIDER OR yes even MEMBER'S............ and send a letter's stating THAT legal authority's such as NAMED POLICE FBI Home Land Security SECRET SERVICE could be may have too be called---get involved in a shipment gone bad or lost or even damaged if they say it .....its JUST a suggestion ....or way too INTIMIDATE a person or party's into REMAINING QUITE ( anti- Wissel blower type emails phone calls)



The Shipping war show is owned by or some type of co-opt COMPANY under Matt Chasen & YES Fairly certain ( Matt chasen ceo-uship AUSTIN TEXAS = still has two #2 partners ) unknown were abouts of them or there roles in either or any of the TV SHOW'S NET WORTH $30-45 MILLION

OR MATT CHASEN'S $15-25, MILLION NET WORTH in just 11 years.... not a publicly traded company ..........

Uship phone number unlisted and they use CALLER ID too know who or if someone calls the 3-5 person's answering there ( CUSTOMER SERVICE SAFETY & TRUST DEPT'S )

Product or Service Mentioned: Uship Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $35000.

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