Rancho Cordova, California

I was having a puppy delivered to my home and they said that the final payment was 500 dollars then the day the delivery was supposed to happen they emailed me back saying that I had to pay 2000 dollars for a crate now I'm sorry but no crate costs 2000 dollars I think I got scammed

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Why so many negative reviews for uship.com, when you people are obviously brain-dead?

Maybe I just answered my own question...


Two Sellers: They are an as*holes.. They sell pets everywhere on websites.. they talk a lot of sh*ts about good life for animals and they dont want any money just for delivery.. So after you pay them by utilizing "money gram" usually around 300-500 dollars they send you email and there is "your animal is already on board and will arrive for example 10AM".. couple minutes before that time they will send you another email and there is "you have to pay insurance for your animal" and that is gonna charge around 2000 dollars if you wont pay that price they are not gonna bring you animal because that is illegal dont have insurance.. but of course that is ***

Of course even if you will pay them, they have no animals because all this is a huge fake and they are thieves.

One guy is probably from Russia or Ukraine.

Another is some mexican guy or something, he even doesnt have good english.

They are *** people they have a lot of offers on websites and those offers has same pictures of animals but different states.. but unfortunately i couldnt find their real address because they use different IP address now i am trying find their name.

i cant believe they still do those sh*ts and nobody dont care. numbers: 541 203 2355 719 695 8010 one of them has fake name Justin Mila (probably that poor guy like J.Timberlake and M.Kunis) another guy is really rude, he has probably a lot of issues in his mind. We supposed to do something with them and report them. Be careful guys.