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I am writing this review on 8/14/15. Today is the day we got scammed 1600 dollars.

My mother in laws previous dog had died and my boyfriend and I decided to give her a surprise with a white wrinkley bulldog we found on oodle. Long story short, needed 600 the first time, then 750 because he needed a proper crate, then 195 for shots, then 2500 for insurance... I am disgusted. NEVER thought this would happen to me and I am more upset that this is over paper.

If you want money, get an actual job you lazy good for nothing crooks.

I've attached the pic of the puppy we fell in love with. We named him and everything just to have us end up broken hearted

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Hi, don't feel too bad! I fell for it too!

With a French Teacup Bulldog!! I'm so heartbroken! $866 lost!

Was on oodle! This company needs to review the people they let sell for them!


the same thing happend to us, the exact same dog, the exact same amout, the same name, we do not know what to do now, we found ads in various others websites from the same person and same phone number, if there is any way that we can try to get our money back, make a complaint or denounce this situation, please contact me: gigika.sucess@gmail.com


your review left it unclear as to whether you ever got the dog or not.Regardless seems like you sure got taken and some cretin used an adorable pup as bait. want to take this opportunity to beg readers to NEVER BUY A DOG ONLINE!Many come from mills and will have incredible problems.

Some may be being passed off due to behavior problems.Genetic issues from overbreeding and bad breeding could be present.

Always research the breed you want. Try to buy in an area close enough you can drive to, meet the pups parents, see the facilities-or lack thereof, ask pertinent questions, demand to see any medical records for parents or AKC or other breed pertinent papers.Seriously never buy a pup you havent seen.Or you could do a really good deed and adopt a worthy dog from a shelter.

Believe me, they know they've been rescued, and are actually grateful.

I'm so sorry you had this experience. Bringing a joyful pup into your home should be a wonderful experience, and this company ruined it.Uships name should be changed to Ushi*(ends in t) Good for you for letting the world know about these crooks!!!

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