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Be a 100% legal Transportation Company with both MC and USDOT #'s I noticed an illegal wannabe carrier drop his rate over $300 just to get the job. I posted that "there are illegal carriers on UShip" and in fact there are. I notified the shipper his freight was in jeopardy if the wannabe carrier got stopped or had an accident.

I was then "Red Flagged" for being honest and straight forward with a potential customer.

And just because UShip call themselves "a Martkeplace" does not mean they're not brokers, it's UShip playing games with with words and the Federal Government and I'd like to see sooner rather than later someone do something about it before one of the wannabe carriers kills themselves or some innocent person.

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You must not have gotten the bid to cry about something you have no support of proving as I believe Uship under the tsp profile says the tsp can choose to provide the dot and mc upon request. Merely because some of us choose to not list our info certainly does not mean we are illegal. And a lot of tsps like you try to make astronomical profits off one shipment try doing a little work instead of overcharging the shipper.