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Hi i really dont know what to do i liked this two pupies and i just paid $300 for them they where gonna come in nove - 23-2014 but then i got a massage saying that the owner didnt take the correct crate they had for one $1225 thats to much we just had paid $600 because we got two of them then they asked for that money and we said no and kept telling the women that she should pay them so she said she just needs us to put $400 so my grandma is putting it today .. I dont know if its a scam she send videos and pictures of teacup pomeanian i dont have my parents i wanted them to keep company i cried a lot I really want them i feel in love im just 16 im just scared that they wont com

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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West Roxbury, Massachusetts, United States #933509

as others have said, this is a common scam and there were no glad you only lost what you did and didn't actually send the other $$$ they requested.

I know someone who fell for this same scam.

I tried to warn her , but she was like "but she sent me pictures of the puppies!"

I had to tell her yet again, that just like in life, online life you have to be extra careful , if something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

if someone is offering "free" pets or ones that should normally be very expensive which the type you wanted usually are, and they're offering them for really cheap, that's a red flag right there.

Id recommend doing more homework next time and checking out the people before ordering anything else online so this won't happen to you again.

Newark, Delaware, United States #912317

Same thing happened to me.They tried to get me to pay additional funds for insurance which was more than what I pay for my house and cars together.

I had ordered a Shitzu puppy and was told that his daughter was killed in a car accident and he really wanted to get rid of both of her puppies. I told a neighbor and she wanted the other puppy. I cannot believe that I fell for this scam, as well as loosing $500 thru a Paypal card that they had me get at a Walgreens store then you give them the number off of the Paypal card. Once they take the money off the card that is it, they told me the puppies were quarantined until the insurance money was paid and that the owner wouldn't be able to get the puppies again.

I will NEVER fall for this again.

Detroit, Michigan, United States #906207

They won't come, common scam used now a days.Don't know if you'll ever get refunded for it, I assume u used "western union" to wire transfer them the money?

Next time try to deal with only local people and go see the dogs first.Sorry for all the time u wasted with them, in the mean time, stop sending them money.


Instead of crying for puppies, should be crying because you are ***.

to Imsmart Annapolis, Maryland, United States #905427

Oh really then im guessing im like you a ****

Hampton, South Carolina, United States #905416

Tough love?

I couldn't even comprehend what the *** you were trying to say.

I think you saw puppies(pupies, as you call them) on a scam website/scam email. Instead of checking their credentials, you begged your grandma to pay for them because you fell in love with the dogs. The scam artists gave you a random video of random dogs and random pictures of random dogs that you believed were Romero and Juliet.

You were to pay when you got the dogs, but the scam artists said you need to pay 1225 USD to get the crate through customs. You say you don't have that much money; the scam artists say to just pay the $400 out of the $600 you owe them.

Grandma pays. You still don't have your pups.

My advice? Stay away from purchasing ANYTHING on the internet.

You're no where near mature enough to comprehend if a scam is a scam. Please pay more attention in school. I'm sorry about what ever happened to your parents, but, it seems you put the English language in a blender and poured it out over your keyboard. You drug your grandma into this scam and y'all are out a couple hundred dollars.

Take your loss.

Look up School House Rock, English focused videos.

Take your loss and buy locally.

to bleh Hampton, South Carolina, United States #905419

Also, there never were any dogs. You won't get any dogs from them

to bleh Hampton, South Carolina, United States #905423

I paid for them not her ok so back tf off i am mature idk why tf you talking about i didnt beg beause shes like my grandma you dont know me life .. I just said to back of I didn't drug her

to Sadnessinme Springfield, Massachusetts, United States #905578

Look at your comment, hun.Not trying to be an *** hole, but, your choice of language and how much you butchered it shows of your maturity.

If you have to argue about if you're mature or not, then you probably aren't. I don't think you understood my comment, anyway.

You said your grandma paid $400(or, you said she putted the money, what's that mean? ) right in your complaint.

So, which one is it? Did you, a 16 year old who makes not smart decisions about money, happen to have a couple hundred dollars laying around, or did your grandma pay the couple hundred? And I know you didn't drug your grandmother with drugs, I was saying you Drug her into this mess, pass tense of drag. You'd probably say "I dragged my grandmother into this mess".

Which ever sounds more right to you.

I don't know your life? Girl, guy, please, I'm almost double your age. Everyone had been though their tough times, but, please do not buy anything over the internet.

Use Google and search their email address. The subject of the initial email or a portion of the email. I'm sure others were conned out of money, too, which is sad.

Really, there is nothing that you can do and the dogs you paid for do not exist.:(

to bleh 2 Lakemont, Georgia, United States #945913

I'm seriously dying at the fact that you had to explain that to her or him again :')!I don't even know how I came across this, but I'm glad I did because I needed a good laugh!

Do they not teach punctuation in high school any more?The story isn't funny but her/his response was and the "I didn't drug my grandma" part!

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