Friedens, Pennsylvania
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Was told if I money gramed $270 I would receive my rotty puppy. Then after I sent that money.

2 hours later I was sent an email stating I needed to purchase an additional insurance policy for $900 then when my puppy is delivered I get the $800 cash back.

I filed a complaint with money gram and no response just want my $270 back so I can get my poor kids there puppy. My gosh there dog just passed away here a month ago and then this happens.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Never ever order a shipped puppy.Most are scams in the first place and the ones that do get shipped often end up dead due to the airline.Go to a shelter and save a dogs life.That is really the best thing to do as the dog will come vetted and micro chipped.That is really the best way to honor your dog you loved so muchs memory is to save one.


Oh is it true that its a scam message..even i got that message and said to pay $315 to ship puppy..